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Monday, September 29, 2008


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Smug, arrogant, entitled and cheap, their egos are matched only by the stunningly bad office location in a dangerous, crime-ridden, crack-whore-infested part of Hollywood. I wasted way too much of my precious youth and talent at this dump. Avoid at all costs.

(Whoops! ...did I say that out loud?)

Maybe so. I never worked there. But I've always admired their work.

wow, they certainly were correct when they wrote how unforgiving the entertainment business is.

do we judge a shop based on its quality of work or on the quality of life for its employees?
what would aema say?

judge not lest you want to judge others.

The best part of Concept Arts has always been the total lack of "concepts" in any of their work!

The Ultimate Triumph of Style Over Substance...coming soon to a lobby near you.

what's with all the trash talk?

I don't know if I'd trust any agency that actually used the word "awesome" in their mission statement.
Like totally edgy, Dude.

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