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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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There does seen to be a lot of hate floating around. I'm not sure this guy's really worth the trouble, but for those who really can't stand his whining, he was nice enough to post a video of himself getting punched in the face here:


the guy definitely does seem like a whiner but I think the point being made is that doesn't make him a woman - it makes him a wanker.

i'd like to know who has the time to write these long-winded ravings, get back to work! put that milk on your mush and eat it!

You know what really horks me off is when these young upstart "free-lancers" come in to the bull-pen and want to borrow a rapido-graph and then leave the top off it so it dries out and then takes half an hour to clean and get it working again. And then they only want to use those fancy #11 Exacto blades, like it would kill them to use a single edge razor blade.

Hey,who took my @#$$%* proportion wheel!!!

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