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Sunday, March 15, 2009


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They really missed the boat. Where are all the
" Working with us is a real gas" and " Our high octane ideas have get up and go" or "Let us help you get the lead out".

"Pay Before You Pump."

"Increase Your Smileage!"

Petrol Advertising..."Running on fumes"

jeez, it sounds like junior high, aren't they just trying to make a living like we are?

os shit i'm buggin. never mind. fuck the world, all shops suck! woo hooo!

Just to be perfectly clear: I came up with "Increase your Smileage!"
I'd also like to submit the additional tag lines:
"More Smiles per Gallon of Petrol" and "Your Smileage May Vary!"

oh :-(
I thought poo was to be flung!
But now it feels like censorship is here as well, just like everywhere else in Hollywood.
Too bad, "Fuel fed the furious!"

Like many Americans, you mistake civility for censorship.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the Internet is its coarseness. All too often what passes for public discourse is merely vile language thrown at high velocity.

We deeply regretted deleting the comments made in regard that agency’s policies, but it was our opinion that they were done with malice and without humor.

We are, in fact, deeply sympathetic to those poor souls who work in sweatshops. We know the model for this environment was established a generation ago by one of the original entertainment advertising agencies. It’s legacy has been continued on by a certain type of menfolk who choose to work insanely long hours as a demonstration of their stamina in a feeble attempt at compensating for their sissified jobs.

We have no axe to grind here other than to make sport of ourselves and this self-important field of work in which we have chosen to devote and/or waste our lives. We wish to do so without resorting to scatology and we encourage those who wish to post comments to make an equal effort.

inflammatory comments = proof this is a great shop to work at.

where would all of our childhoods have been without the beloved neighborhood sweetshops? penny candy is long gone, but our memories live on!

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