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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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I think it would be brilliant if Tyler Perry would start turning up in Georgia O'Keefe paintings.


Another Ignition triumph. Soon we'll have a book of Ignition finishes and the posters to which they pay homage. It'll be a tome.

without the tits or the skull it's really not that interesting.

so i guess plagiarism is inspiration to them. awesome~

It's like they aren't even trying anymore. Polish poster + sans serif type = Ignition finish. There isn't even any effort to tweak the original.

That being said, at least it's interesting to look at, as opposed to some of the DVD covers masquerading as posters, like "Year One". That just screams "Walmart clearance aisle"...

well at least they make an effort to change the rose to yellow. :)

"Plagiarism is basic to all culture"
- Pete Seeger (which he stole from someone else)
"They might be stealin' from me; but I steal from everybody"
- Woody Guthrie (which he stole from Pete Seeger)

The saddest thing about this blog is the sheer number of people defending plagiarism. You'd almost think people wouldn't have a career if they couldn't steal. Oh wait.....

Seriously, doesn't anyone take any pride anymore in coming up with something original? Or at least taking some existing art and taking it to another level? It's amazing that people who work such long hours can be so lazy.

forget the image, how about that crappy type? is the name of the film Bad Myself? yuck!

80 comps first round + revisions gazillion rounds afterwards. Are there really any room left for creativity? Oh wait a minute, and there is really no time for freelancers to think about the greatest ideas. You're there to "produce" tons of comps. Cut the crap guys, whatever you think you have done that is original, I will go find it somewhere to proof that your is not that original after all.

Big head in the sky with a little scene down below, don't act like you haven't done that yet.

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