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Friday, November 13, 2009


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Hey Trailer Park, how's that Orbitz account workin' out?

Trailer Park really should focus on its core business - entertainment. This venture into brands will not go well.

Mmmmm. A big pile of steaming horseshit!

Matt is great but the last thing he needs is another job. But Joel didn't do anything anyway but abuse employees and small children. So it shouldn't be a problem.

And Neil did even less than Joel.

When Joel first joined trailer park all I could think of is how he has a dolphin shaped head.

I can't believe no one is mentioning the rumors of Crew closing this week.

We've had almost a full year of "Crew is closing" speculation. No doubt at some point it will actually be true, but until then it's a little hard to worked up over.

I must admit the speculation is particularly loud this week, I have heard everything from closing it's doors on Friday to Trailer Park buying the talent and portfolio.

So who's posting these comments? The wankers at Cimarron? Like you dooshes have nothing better to do. Everyone knows Warners saved Crew's neck.

"buying the talent?"
What, like a slave auction?

actually Ignition.

so Trailer Park is going to buy Crew out of bankruptcy to get some warner brothers work??? (because that is the only work we are getting here).

wow that is desperate!

I heard Crew is going to buy Cimarron.

I heard Trailer Park is going out of business.

Trailer Park isn't going out of business...at least not yet. If it wasn't for Mike Leathers and Matt Brubaker, they'd be in deep, deep trouble - but for now at least, they're solvent.

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