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Friday, February 26, 2010


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Francis don't you have a grandson that wants to play in a tomato patch?

"Look Boris, is Moose and Squirrel escaping down fire escape with mooseberry bush!"

This is sad. Consumers need to realize that a movie is already one of the best deals out there. It takes hundreds of talented people and millions of $ to make one and the consumer gets to experience or own it for 10-20$... but yet there are douchebags out there that want to save an extra 5 bucks and get some crappy replica- I new someone who routinely bought cheap replicas that were recorded in theaters with a hand held recorder. you could hear the audience laughing and munching on snacks and you could see peoples sillhouettes when they stood up and dodged out to take a piss. c'mon people, seriously- don't be ghetto. break off some yen.

Yes. ZML is best. Try http://openguys.org tooo.

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