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Monday, February 01, 2010


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Does this mean we should have a digital counter revolution? A luddite smash n trash of our workstations? Or should I stop stealing stock photography?

Enough already. Can anyone get me a number of an art director in India? I'm sick of going over budget with costly agency revisions!

So many people to exploit, so little time.

What's awesome/appropriate is that on the page right now (on my computer anyway) there's a google banner ad promoting free website design. "919,623 Websites Created Free!"

Or how about the ad I'm currently viewing for Full Sail University's online degree program in Graphic Design!... Sign up for your obsolete career today! Oh yeah, it features a nice piece of stock illustration that probably cost them $3.00. It seems the only smart person making any money here is Edwina through her Google Ads...

Actually, there's still a lot of money to be made in design. Technology makes for more competition from other countries, but it also allows for us to compete worldwide (I just finished doing a job for a company in Russia). The future's not as bleak as this blog (and others) would have you think.

A company in Russia? Who gives a shit about that? I want everyone in LOS ANGELES to see my billboards and bus shelters!

I remember the old days, when I would have to pay $400 for a stock photo of a simple blue sky with clouds... or, say, a basketball on a white background. I always thought it was a crime that it would cost more to license a simple stock photo (that they could sell several times) than actually hiring a photographer to shoot it.

You should pay big bucks for a unique stock photo... But I won't feel bad for photographers jobbed out of thousands of dollars for a simple photo of a jar of change. Or a cloud. Or a basketball...

(Having said that, we're still ALL doomed by the Internet's free culture. Micropayments for every web page visited is the only answer...)

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