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Thursday, February 18, 2010


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I thought lunch was always supposed to be eaten at my desk, in that case sometimes its takes 2 hours to eat...
click click
click click click some more

More importantly, is it possible to live on just 80k a year?

If you eat at your desk maybe?

80k a year in this stupid town is destitute!

boss douche: how's working for 22k, no perks and a 65 hour work week sound?

young douchey-snapper: i'll take it! i have so much to prove! I'm gonna be a star.

...you know the story

Please exploit me! Here, let me bend over while you extract your profits out of my ass.

Same as it ever was...

You guys don't have a clue. Try extracting a profit from a $75+/hr AD in 2010 when the client wants to pay you crap for many key art comps + finishing.

thank god you all think twitter is a waste of time because then we would have a real problem.

Lunch who gets to take lunch, where do you work? 80k is about 20 bucks an hour for a 70hr work week, going home before 6:30 is a joke.

Look... studio heads and agency owners have de-valued the art of design because they (and lots of other people, too) think that if you own a computer, you can crank something out, no problem. What they fail to remember is that "thinking" comes before "doing." And, if you can't think of the design, sketch it out for readability, and finish it ready for print, the computer is worthless. What studio execs and agency owners know, but fail to remember when it comes time to hire, is that you are paying for the brain, the talent and the ability to show up and follow-through. Not something most students have the ability to accomplish without someone else overseeing their work. To me, that's a waste of time and money.

I think therefore I get paid?

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