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Friday, August 06, 2010


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Who's the exec at Warners on this one?

Maybe it's another one of Sue Kroll's "newly created positions".

is boo boo gettin' his poop chute plowed? is yogi sniffin' that yip? is he going bear back? <----see what i did there?


Bearback Mountain?

I can't stop laughing. Brilliant.

More like "Yogurt Bear"

"Bearly Legal"

Yogi, Mr. Ranger isn't gonna like this.

"Harder than the average bear, boo-boo!"

I wrote that tasty copy line too.

Oh, honey!

Someone will swing for this!

A care bear with hair there.

Hey, I just had a MATTABOOBOO!
Gee Yogi, It hurts when you push like that...

Whats going on over at WB . Leave the poor Bears out of this . They had no approval on art or credits. But Drew Barrymore should get her lawyer to look at the credits on Going the Distance billboards all over town. Anybody on the left side of credits is much smaller. Oh
my can't be creative with legal matters. Thats gotta hurt when she see that. Or maybe JUSTIN LONG is top billing. What next. Tom and Jerry


Great ad copy...

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