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Monday, October 18, 2010


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WOW! The damage doesn't look so bad from up here!

Is anyone on this map hiring?

What's CPM West/you mean CMP that is now Mocean
KO you mean TKO?
What about Seiniger's other locations on Wilshire and 3rd street
Where is Create, CMP in Burbank, Seismic, Buddha Jones, Workshop creative, ACME, Toy Box, Universal Inhouse 9obvious where that is), Where was Gas Station Zebra or any of the new places like Vibe. Pretty sure there are a few more Print places to. Lets get an updated map.

And while you're at it, in addition to headstones maybe you could add a little icon to indicate which places are on life support.

Or would that start looking really cluttered?

I like the life support idea.

Everybody wants to be an art director.

Neuron Syndicate is alive and well in Santa Monica.

who do you think will live longer, BLT or Larry King?

Awesome map! Just as an FYI, the NBC Agency moved over to the Universal lot three or four years ago.

Hey Edwina, you forgot to add Neuron Syndicate at 1016 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Edwina - you better hurry and add all those places that "Been In The Business Too Long" listed -- I don't think many of them will "Be In The Business Too Long"!!

Seems like a lot of insecurity for people who put out aluminum business cards.

Ok, somebody tell me about this Stockholm place and explain to me why I am still driving into Hollywood.

petrol moved to burbank a while ago. just follow the trail of tears.

Darn it, Edwina, I think it's a dandy map. Thanks for taking the time and kindly ignore the whiners.

And what of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce satellite office on mid-Wilshire?

I've been asked to leave several of those places. Margarita Fridays were my downfall.

I hear Don Draper was in town last Sunday.

how about XL?

Ok, but if you include XL you'll have to add Small and Medium, too.

Ah...the memories.
Damn nice work there Edwina.

A handy-dandy roadmap down Memory Lanes.

Edwina & staff, you have done a public service for the Ad Council.

Is Indika still breathing?

how many of you suckers are still at work?

Hey Fred, I, too, have slid down the dinosaur tail after a long day breaking rocks at more of these quarries than I care to admit,

all the places i worked at are dead
but i'm still here... : )

I've been through Reno.
I've been through Beverly Hills,
And I'm here.
Reefers and vino,
Rest cures, religion and pills,
And I'm here
Been called a pinko
Commie tool,
Got through it stinko
By my pool.
I should have gone to art school.
That seems clear,
Still, someone said, "She's sincere."
So I'm here.

Ocean Park? That offshoot of BD Fox is still around?

Is it me or are there just way too many rats in this race?

Hey...it's a Google map. Amazing!

What about Gravillis inc?

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