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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Learn to be an "Art Director/Finisher"!

I'm not sure which is sadder - that the agency is actually trying to pull off this ponzi scheme, or that no one here seems to give a shit.

It's still probably better than working for BLT (or a dozen other crap factories; see map on left). But that being said, the folks at 72 and Sunny sound like real dorks. I'm sure the state's attorney general would have some thoughts about their "hire" education scheme.

More like "higher" education, dude... "72andsunny is a modern full-service design and advertising company with offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam."

72 and sunny is a rad agency that comes up with ideas most of us don't have the talent or balls to. Plus they're billings stack higher than any of ours.

" and I accept all methods of dismantling my ego by any means necessary."

does that include waterboarding?

They sound like hipster douche bags.

You'll be able to do this:

"LEARN THE HARD WAY"... no more comment your Honor.

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