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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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Hey, welcome to F.U. Design!

F.U. Design, according to the brief will create 2 designs from which the client much obligatorily choose one for validation within 48h. If client does not provide a choice, the project will be suspended. Suspended projects require a $25 reinstatement fee in order for our team to browse our archives and send you the final files.

Turnarounds are not accepted after validation of a concept. Turnarounds and corrections must be submitted as a new project through a new creative brief charged at the specific “Old Project rate” of $50.

F.U. Design determines the time required to execute a project and suggests it to client’s approval before working on the project.

F.U. Design will not provide you with a copy of your original files after final delivery.

"You need it when? F.U.!"

One hundred dollars is generous. Just check out oDesk - there are thousands of people in Indonesia who will do this job for under ten bucks.

But.. but... but... I thought WE were the chosen ones! That's what my all my art school teachers told me!

How about free? Is free too much? Then how about if I pay YOU for the privilege of designing a logo for your multimillion $ project? How soon did you need that? http://tinyurl.com/4z8uywf

Or you could Crowd Source your project and let the fans design the poster...


Nice ad with the comments closed. Art directors who can finish? Screw that! That's actual work. It usually takes me a day just to track down the unit/stock I used in some of my comps.

that's some bogus bs. i bet u it's another art director with a made up email address trying to collect portfolios so he/she can steal ideas. stupid.

Thanks Edwina! Now I know who to call when I need a new ad for my wig shop!!!

WANTED: Brain Surgeon/Janitor

What the hell is a "finisher" and what does it have to do with being an art director?

Obviously you haven't worked in this business since we got computers, old man.

You want to stay competitive in this job market?
Be willing and able to do your own finishes.

Brain Surgeon/Janitor --- that's your Art Director/ Finisher comparison? What an asshole. You're probably still trying to get someone in production to put Chromateks on your C print.

Brain Surgeon, read the fine print: "If you're not sure if you are qualified, you probably aren’t."

Brain Surgeon did the finish on Henry's Crime.

Sadly with the bottom continuing to fall out of the industry AD's will have to do more and more themselves Which doesn't help the end product. You see the results daily on IMP. With the turnarounds and deadlines imposed by studios finishing the artwork is an afterthought usually crammed in to an eight hour deadline before you ship files to the printer.

Wanted: Art Director/Typesetter/Retoucher/Production Artist/Go-fer. Willing to work long hours with minimum salary and benefits. If you're not sure you qualify, you probably do.

I just make my own movies now and watch them in my head. Screw the middleman.

"Screw The Middleman"? So you're watching porn?

"This is a full-time freelance position."

With all the full-time stress but none of the protective benefits of being an employee. Health-care?...you're on your own. Paid vacation?...lol. Severance?... Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Shame on MKAA for aiding and abetting this insidious (and technically illegal) industry practice.

The new, "New Normal"... http://tinyurl.com/4refjxt

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