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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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How about an award for most egotistical asshole? Nothing but first place winners in that category.

Debacle. Fiasco. Epic fail.

The judges took themselves way too seriously. That’s what happens when mid-level thinkers make too much money.

All that's missing from these head shots are the self appointed halos. And someone please tell Mark Crawford that Steven Wright wants his look back. What happened to that guy?

What a self righteous bunch of egomaniacs.


All the people who write on this blog are whiny failures. Keep posting here because its the only thing you'll ever be successful at. I mean, are you all serious with this venom shit? Is that the point of this pathetic blog? Please someone explain it to me.

Perhaps to piss off pompous, douche bag, self important blow-hards such as yourself, just a guess.

"Happy" must be one of the judges.

LOL @ Happy...you take this blog and this industry waaaay too seriously. I'm here for the lulz.


Should've won gold.

I’m confused - Why do they still call it the Key Art Awards? It’s mostly trailers and tv spots. They should have separate events. Editors and art directors don’t even speak the same language.

Happy you reek of unhappiness. Let me guess, too many hours at the office and an wife that strays? Maybe some kids that don't really know ya? Now that's SUCCESS!

Happy at work, "Arbeit macht frei" hu?

Notice that he posted that comment at 8:37 PM. Want to bet “Happy” was still “At Work” at that hour?

I'll be honest... I only come here for the Schadenfreud.

Mmmmmm, schadenfreud. It's the best item on the menu here!

@ Happy: what a hypocrite, complaining about other peoples complaining ... lol

Come For The Schadenfreud, Stay For The Venom!

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