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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


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It's called "perspective" kids, look it up.

I read her book. Lot's of references to large polo mallets and string cheese. Very strange.

"Our friend, Pete Tangen, who is a professional photographer, took the photo of Morgan in exchange for a home-cooked dinner."

I'll have to remember his new rates the next time his portfolio makes the rounds...

Will work for food.

I'll wait for the movie poster.

Martin and his darn Photoshop magic!
I'm sure it's just a 'coincidence.'

That's super.

Isn't that the Lakeshore Entertainment logo?

Stealing is stealing. But what would you expect from someone who makes up critics to promote his movies and then blames his assistant?

Haven't read the book but it has great reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Wonder if this movie will get good reviews? Well, Josh can always make them up.

"That was my job. I’m an executive at a major film studio, Oxford Pictures, and I handle the advertising.

This means I head up teams of people to create the movie trailers,television spots, and posters. I was in the middle of a photo shoot for Oxford Pictures’Heaven Is in the Wind. It was a dog of a film and we all knew it. I could just see the review headlines now: “it blows.” But that didn’t matter. Opening weekend of a picture is the marketing ex-ecutive’s responsibility. After that, it stands or stumbles on its own merits. But an audience initially goes to a film based on the avertising and publicity. So while I didn’t make the films, it was my job to sell them to an unsuspecting public.
Right now, I was attempting to get photos of the damn star, Nikki Strong, so we could create a poster. And, as usual, Nikki
Strong was not cooperating."

...riveting prose!

sounds like a good chick-lit book. but I would have preferred a juicy tell-all that named all the assholes names in studio marketing.

Hi all, Dana Precious here.
Personally, I think this is hilarious. A friendly shout out to Universal as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
oh, and to the person who wrote about mallets and cheese -- neither are in my book.
and to the person who wrote about 'riveting prose' -- all 5 star reviews on amazon and barnes and noble must mean something. :)
Yours, in the wild and wooly world of film marketing -- Dana

Hi Dana! Kisses!

Go jump in a lake!

The film rights for the book have been optioned by Janet and Jerry Zucker of Zucker Productions (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Fair Game) and Jesse Kennedy of Aurelius Films, with Randi Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire and the upcoming Topper, starring Steve Martin) attached as screenwriter.


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