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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Really, Rupert, get a hold of yourself.

What did Pipa Middleton do now?

The daddy of Faux Snooze crying “terrorizm” what a friggin joke!

So, let me get this straight... the big studios want to reap huge cost benefits from digital technology, (lower distribution costs, lower production; CGI costs, lower print campaign creative budgets) and then want to shut down everyone's internet access because some dork uploaded a copy of "Hangover 2"?

It's about foreign companies who's business is to pirate content for profit. which will effect/cost industry jobs. apparently there are a lot of "dorks' out there. allegedly.

Read the fine print dumbass

do some research = murdoch employee

So how should I feel about this? On one hand I don't want the government interrupting the "free follow of information". On the other hand, I hate to see my entertainment industry brethren put out of work by foreign, internet thieves, pirating the fruits of their labors. Why can't the government just drone-attack somebody's ass?


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