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Monday, January 16, 2012


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Not worth focusing my visual acuity & deductive reasoning towards deciphering this billboard. (Aren't outdoor ads supposed to be "Read as You Run" messages?)

Edwina, I do, however, dig your new Vend-O-Grams selections.

Michael Doret's HOP, mmmm ...http://house-of-pies.net/ourmenu.nxg

They should call it “UNDERWATER HOUSE OF LIES”

Everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait. They’re submerged in the kitchen sink.

You're right; the vertical art makes it a much quicker read, and it works better. But in the horizontal crop, the window frames also cause problems; their placement makes it look at a glance like the sharks are on the outside of the room. For a while, I thought this show was about the wacky adventures of deceitful aquarium workers.

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