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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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To me, the image suggests that the show comes back on the air on March 25, 9/8c.

Where's the shark?

The composition isn't horrible. At least they went for it. I'll give them credit for that. But not much.

Why is Don's face key lit on the right and his reflection from the opposite side???!!

Uh, wrong decade, guys. Looks like something from 1956, not 1966… or whenever year its supposed to be.

The light is correct, it's a window so there is light inside and outside the window. If you disagree why don't you ask whoever shot it for confirmation.

The image is “a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be,” Mr. Weiner said. “By the end of the season I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.”

What a douchebag.

Sorry, Light Korrector that makes no sense. It's a mistake and/or the usual crappy art direction that's been an hallmark of the series' campaigns.


Weiner sounds like a dick.

The real crime here is NO COPY? WTF?

The only douchebag is Sr. Art Korrector. Talk about a wacom up your ass! Get over yourself, think you're in the minority when it comes to not liking the campaigns, certainly a lot better then most of the work being done in this town — most likely better then anything in your book.

The best thing about this ad is that it's for the final season of this crapfest.

What a wasted opportunity: to have a show set in the "golden age of advertising" and then promote it with some of the most banal and self-reverential ads in recent memory (and poorly art directed on top of that.)

Banal, doubt it, self-reverential, even less so. Hate the ads and the art direction but they certainly aren't lacking in originality. That's 90% of everything else we do in this town.

Dear Light Korrector,
How could the light be possibly correct? Don's right ear and cheek are fully lit, almost blowing out, while the same side of his face, when reflected, is in total shadow. Worse things have happened in the world of Key Art,it's true, but don't go freaking out over someone's comment when it is actually korrect.

Thank you.

In Photoshop there's this think called a curve. You can make things brighter or darker. It's crazy. Maybe someone actually did something to the photo after it was shot. Crazy.

We all need to get over ourselves. Take a vacation in Europe if you need to be humbled by advertising.

Curve control doesn't change the direction of the light! It's lazy art direction.

Any of you lighting experts ever consider more then one light source? Possible they had more then one here. Someone needs to take a photography lesson or go to a shoot and actually see how things are lit.

"Someone needs to take a photography lesson or go to a shoot and actually see how things are lit."

That someone is the person who art directed this travesty.

Who hurt you Sr. Art Korrector? Sounds like maybe The Refinery did. Let it go. You'll be happier for it.

¿Por qué tan amarga, Señor Art Korrector?

Mark Twain once said "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence."
Sr. Light Korrector you clearly have both in abundance.
I'm sure you'll go far in this town...

What's lost with all you dweebs is the fact that AMC like FX and few other TV clients are far more ambitious and creative then anyone else out there. This ad, despite its lighting issues is far superior then anything ABC, NBC or CBS is doing. HBO only wishes they still had balls large enough to do this and TNT can't execute anything. Stack that up with the everyday mind numbingly generic key art for theatrical and this still sits atop the heap. I for one like it, think its bold and wish my agency had clients with enough wisdom to try.

All I know is that the mannequin's head looks more lifelike positioned atop her body than Andrew McCarthy's does atop his.

To me this would have been a lot more powerful if Don's reflected face were closer, almost overlapping, that of the male mannequin's. Right now it reads to me like in his quest for an identity that he's considering a sex change.

Not to mention the tangencies with the tips of both slippers! And don't get us started on that right ankle...

"Atop the heap", indeed. (The steaming heap.)

Key Art Maker is spot on. You know it’s a good poster when it provokes seething jealousy from small thinkers like Sr. Art Korrector.

I agree with Key Art Maker - kudos to AMC, FX and those others with balls to step outside the "box" and let their agencies be creative to begin with (regardless of whether the seed for an idea comes from, it's the agency that does the heavy lifting). Congrats to The Refinery for several years worth of real adverting for this show.

LOL. What kind of "balls" does it take to acquiesce to a producer's lame-brain marketing idea (and then execute it so haphazardly)? In this case, The Emperor, like the mannequin, has no clothes.

Oh Sr. Art Director you're either a pixel pusher or failed AE who has long been out of the game, which is it? Are you really so green/naive to not understand the value and importance of keeping the clients happy? Cooperation and collaboration are sometimes called for above personal ego! FInd me an agency in town that hasn't been willing to work towards a show runner, director or producers idea and I'll show you a failed business.

Also believe you're alone in judging this ad as lame, really is an interesting way to sell the 5th season of a show. It really has sparked a lot of conversation, that makes it good!

It's one thing to "keep the client happy", it's another to keep them from running off a cliff following their own lame "concept". Obviously, you've never watched the show. As a neophyte AE, you might actually learn something from it.

Sr. Art Korrector surely knows it all. He/She must be a legend in this town, or in their own head — talk about running off a cliff that's all you seem to do with your lame comments. Please, more wisdom on how to deal with clients and keep them happy!!! Maybe you can offer a class on how be successful in the art of client relationships.


"...kudos to AMC, FX and those others with balls to step outside the "box" "



Kudos to OCD.

David St. Hubbins: "It's such a fine line between stupid,
and uh..."

Nigel Tufnel: "Clever."

David St. Hubbins: "Yeah, and clever."

Ask the sketch artist.

Oh Sr. Art Korrector, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

The correct quotation is: "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." by William Congreve in The Mourning Bride of 1697


Undoubtedly, the lamest acclaimed show on television. Season 5, thankfully, the last. Put a bullet in this turkey.

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