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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


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Wrong proportion, missing text, no logo, no legal. Damn amateurs.

It's a 2 SHEET, dufus.

Shouldn't it read "COMING AGAIN SOON TO NEW YORK"? Coming IN has an entirely different meaning, no?

Now, the NYPD's probably monitoring MonkeyArtAwards too. http://tinyurl.com/6vuh7qr

Maybe NY looks different from the air guys, but I just can't get past the 1500ft mountain in the middle of the city. Buy some stock ya cheap assed malcontents.

Dear A. Starter,

Are you addressing us as “dufus”? Or are you calling the HuffPoo writer a dufus for not correctly identifying the image as a 2-sheet?

If so, you will see that we already made that point in our post, dufus.

Still not as scary as that "Dallas" shower scene.

A Starter must be an art director. I’ve never known an art director who was capable of reading anything other a comic book.

That's probably because he/she was actually WORKING, A. Exec.

It's 5:30, do you know where all the account execs are?

Hey A. Exec, you should have a copywriter proof your comments before you post them. Unless they're too busy WORKING.

I think A. Starter's "dufus" comment was aimed at A. Finisher saying that the so-called mock poster was the wrong proportion, hence the parody of A. Starter's signature. Apparently, everyone is on the wrong commenter's case about not reading the whole post. …and what a wonderful read it was.

Actually, anyone who refers to them selves as a "finisher", sounds like a dufus. You're a retoucher, dude. Get over it.

Aren't inflated titles the norm for Entertainment Design?

Creative Director = Art Director
Art Director = Designer
Account Exec = Account Coordinator
Finisher = Retoucher

Hey A. Whole --- how about you shave off that goatee and get with the 21st century. Digital art is finished. Retouching went out with the chromogenic color print.

Byte Me, you must be still "on the box." Join the 21st century and do your own work instead of telling some "finisher" what you want "retouched". Nice hat, by the way, very ironic.

A. Whole...anyone who spells "themselves" as two words is a dufus AND a schmuck.

You have time to do your own finishing, A Whole? You must not have a lot of jobs where you work.

You must not be that "swamped" if you have time to blog-tificate here.

I see someone let the children loose on the blog again.

A. Starter,
Before calling someone a dufus you might first have a general idea about what you are talking about. That piece of "art" is many things, but its not a 2-sheet. Not even close. I've done a few horizontal kiosks near that proportion, a building or two (the Hotel Figeroa comes to mind), and even a Bus Wrap, but never a 2-sheet.

I think we established that it wasn't a 2 sheet awhile back and that "dufus" refers to anyone who refers to themselves as "a finisher".

I want to insert the simultaneous roll eyes, jack-off hand gesture emoticon. That function's gotta be around here someplace...

Dear A. Starter,

We apologize for misunderstanding the intended target of your “dufus” insult and for calling you a dufus in the process.

Dear A. Finisher,

Some of our readers are very old and think this site was set on a Linotype machine and mortised into the Internet via tubes; hence their nostalgic longing for the by-gone era of retouching and rotary dial telephones. Please, bear with them, for someday you will be old and cranky, too.

So that's how it's done.

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