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Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Print's not dead, it's just not a viable business anymore.

I don't believe the Weinstein company has actually paid for a poster in 15 years. I mean, they ask for the work and revise the work and yell about the work but then, alas, don't pay for the work. I think they consider it a privilege just to work on their stuff. Kinda like that midget bald dude at WB. Insists his vendors work for free. Probably so he can keep up his place in Tahoe.

Have I said too much?

Wonder how much the Mental Rabbits get paid for asking other people to work for free.

In other words: fuck them!

Im going with sparks and flying rock.

for your consideration:

and Johnny would like to contribute also:

Fuck the Weinsteins and fuck Metal Rabid Media.
Fuck them both very fucking much.

Metal Rabbit = bamboozling buzzword bullshit.

The Weinstein's trail of unpaid invoices continues...

Hey, Metal Rabbit! I got "your online reputation management" right here!

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