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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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I see they skipped the part that says your wonderful design will be pissed on by an idiot from an Ivy League school who doesn't know the first thing about design, but was hired by the studio to direct one.

Why does design advice never enter the real world?

"Your" wonderful design?

Humaira Sajawal is a competent, dynamic and highly motivated creative writer.

That article reads as if it went through Google translation.

Example #4 appears to be an "homage" to Example #1.

"Posters these days are much more creative and attractive to grab viewers’ attention."

Did anyone notice that below the article in fine print it states...

These 7 steps were actually created for the use of lab chimpanzees in the greater Los Angeles area..

Getting them all hopped up on Bath Salts and teaching them Photoshop is actually going quite well... but a few clients are missing their faces.

The 7 deadly fails!

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