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Thursday, July 12, 2012


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For a film, which is essentially a brand that must be created, built, and sold in such a short time, using part of the title in the copy is actually strategic in terms of embedding the title in audience awareness.

Sony missed an opportunity by not having the copy on The Amazing Spider-Man read: “Spider-Man. Amazing!’

"Amazing, Man!"

Who cares, nobody looks (or gives a shit) at our work other than us. That said, that's some shitty copy exploration.

I wrote the copy that's on the current teaser one-sheet: "COMING SOON"

Strategist you are full of it. Just bad advertising. Now if you had said "take off title treatment and let it be a tease" I might agree.

Agreed, Moo.

who the HELL gives a crap?

Will have to say "RAISE H-E-DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS" in certain parts of the US.

"He Died For Your Sins.
Now, It's Your Turn!"

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