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Monday, September 10, 2012


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fair enough

On a movie poster at HER age? How dare she! Quick, get rid of those lines. Make her breasts bigger! Make her waist smaller! Make her ass tighter!

...that said, some of the younger actors look way banged up in their 20's so hats off to Meyrl!

and in the end she can act, with or without retouch.

there's this misconception that if we all knew how old she was, no one would want to see her movies. The studios and publicists never take into account the actors talent. Even with MINIMAL re-touching I'd still see a movie with her in it because she's brilliant.

The hardest part of being a finisher is knowing when you're "finished".

Does every one-sheet have to do double-duty as whacking material for these tired old dirtbags that are still in this business?

Loving your work!

yeah because having a life, living and going through the ages we all do is SUCH a crime tsk, Just think of all the older guys who would have bought tickets to see a woman their own age? but never mind that eh . . .

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