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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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Good luck, my resume is on the way!

Four owners? Good luck with that.

Word is bond son! best of luck to you all.

5 owners. The pieces of that pie are going to be pretty slim...

Count agin, Duck... There are FIVE owners!

4 Owners 1 Partner...

4 owners, 1 partner. No real portfolio. How many lawsuits?

"We Are Bond" to fail.

These five are all good guys... but disclaimer or not it doesn’t seem kosher to show work done at another agency on your agency’s website.

I know some of these guys and I'm sure their work will speak for itself soon enough.

very un-kosher to show other agencies work on your site without some sort of disclaimer, disingenuous to say the least. No one likes feeling ripped off.

If there is a disclaimer then I feel that it communicates to the clientele the situation. After all P+A had to do the same thing when they started up. In time I am sure they will replace those pieces with Bond finishes.

Keep an eye out for Luke Silver-Greenberg. He's one hell of a star. Mark my words.

Wow... the A/V work looks extensive, I guess they're still trying to pull down others work from websites.

wearebond.com translation wecouldntgetagoodurl.com

Sorry don't see the connection to P&A, Mojo closed its doors, these guys left other companies and are representing the work as theirs. I call bullshit, just own up to the lack of disclaimer.

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