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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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Not posters - more like Topps trading cards. Did they come with a stick of gum?


Snoozing is a donut hole. Yea, I said it. These are badass. They're cool. They're pretty. And most importantly, they're in the world. What masterpieces has Snoozing done lately? Yea, I thought so.

Snoozing??? More like weeping. Neptune's right, and they're BAD trading cards at that. What a waste of time and bandwidth.

Lance they are shit. I hope it's your steaming pile, at least then I would understand your comment.

Oh look - now Fleer has released STID trading cards:

The Chris Pine banner seems really forced. Not as effective as a similar poster that was done for the first part of the final Harry Potter movie.

You guys are all jealous simps. These are badass.
Edwina should require all haters to post alternatives.
Lets see what you'd do better!

Character posters suck.

Character posters blow.

been doing this for years. these are ugly as fuck.

They look like posters for the Special Olympics.

You think they're cool? Here's a simple test. Can you imagine a college guy hanging one of these in his dorm room?

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