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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


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I heard their print dept. shut down, too.

Not true the print department is up and running. They let go of a few people in their design department, but not print. I know that because I am here working on deadlines.

Print is going strong at mOcean and I hear it's looking to hire a new senior art director and creative director as well. No chances that department will be going anywhere.

CMYK 4 EVAH!!!!! Long live print!

Nahhh they just trimmed some of the fat.

I secOnd that mOcean...

So you're saying all the digital designers were overweight?

If you feel like canning me
If you've got the notion
I second that mOcean.

Well, they canned a bunch of broadcast people last Thanksgiving, and got rid of the print creative director over the holidays. I think we all know that where there's smoke, there's usually fire, especially in this industry.

They've been canning the digital department ever since the move to the mOcean campus. I sometimes miss the ol' Deadline days when we all did good work and had each others' backs. Oh, and Cabo.

deadline 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!!

This is a bittersweet thing for me. Deadline was by far the best agency I ever worked for. We still get together a few times a year for a reunion. No other place I've been at had that level of camaraderie. Loyalty stems form the top the old owners did a good job maintaining it (well most of them). As far as mOcean's takeover, that's when the shit hit the fan. I guess mOcean heads would rather post shit about fucking Movember mustaches and new looks for their mascot Misty on FB and IG all God damned day than they would pay attention to the nurturing of digital. Long live Deadline.

CMP should've shot DL in the head to end it's suffering instead of putting it on life support and dragging it out till the very end.

I'll never understand why someone would buy DL just to bury it. Sad...

Anyway, so much gratitude to DL for being great for me and a shit-load of other people.


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