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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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I could imagine seeing this in Variety, but a puff piece in The New Yorker? It must have been a VERY slow month in the editorial department.

Mygod that was a waste of good type.
Bloggy and street? More like Bloaty and self serving/

As a former 14-year-old girl, I take offense at The Timster's attempt to include himself in that group.

But wait! There's more puffery piled on top this puff piece to be found here:


with this insightful how-to guide to movie marketing, anyone can now do it. why not can these monkeys and hire cheaper?

“I’m A Fourteen-Year-Old Girl.”
True words have never been used to describe the queen of LGF marketing. I'm particularly surprised that the New Yorker failed to comment on TP's mood ring swings or binge eating attacks...

Tony Sella ate my paste!!!

Profound!! In his own words...

Tim Palen uses his own photography for various Lions Gate Entertainment film posters and advertising campaigns. Palen's movie poster photography attempts "to boil it [the image] down to the essence of the film. It is all about finding simplicity, a singular iconic image, something that evokes emotion from the viewer."

But he left out "edgy" and "out of the box!"


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