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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Wow. Moving the event to MOCA. There's an "improvement" if I ever saw one. Maybe next year they'll do it in the MTA transit yard. And they could manufacture the 'pointy thingys' out of recycled plastic bottles to save even more money.Since the judging is all done online, why don't they just webcast the show and everyone can stay home!

Add categories? No thank you. I for one applaud the advisory board for keeping the show that much shorter. If I were going to fling poo at them it would be for not dropping a few. I think they could do without these:

Theatrical Print
Standee Display
Print - Special Recognition
Theatrical Audio/Visual
TV Spots
A/V - Special Recognition
New Media
Best Digital Campaign
Best Website Design
Best On-Line Banner Advertising
Special Recognition - Most Buzzworthy
Home Entertainment
Home Entertainment Print - New Release Packaging
Home Entertainment A/V - Trailers
Home Entertainment A/V - TV Spots
Electronic Print/Jumbotron, All Genres
DVD Menu Design, All Genres
Video Box Animation, All Genres

By the way, kudos to the Key Art Awards for turning to the Henry Pool Is Here poster for inspiration for their website's art direction.

It's amazing how many people are riffing off that poster. I see them everywhere. Even Obama copied it. And now the Key Art Awards. Score one for the Henry Poole designer!

It would be in their best interest since so many on the advisory board have cable clients and BLT has ABC.

Maybe the theatrical and home entertainment people is a-scared of having some competition.

the campaign for the key art awards (aka movie marketing awards) is fucking retarded. whatever agency handled that gets the balls across the chin award.

what night is The Duck Factory on, it doesn't say...

Hey, that girl in the poster's not wearing a top...

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