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Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Sheesh. Thanks, Edwina. Duly noted.

A Poo-Slinging blog with a conscience. Wow.

Poo slinging with boundaries! I like your parenting skills, Edwina.
Can you call a time out for some of these unruly tykes?

brothers and sisters?



poo will be flung. anonymously. that's what's so therapeutic. I applaud and commend you.

but, when you break a rule (posting your name)
you can't not expect immediate feedback for being

and in this latter case (CN), no brother or sister would do to me what has been done to me.

When you know what I know, you would see how full of sh*t that posters' comments were.

i will refrain from further posts.

Censorship is bad, Edwina. Very, very bad.

Sorry, Pepe, but that is an overly simplistic argument. Certain forms of censorship are, in fact, the cornerstones of civility.

We walk a very fine line here between allowing a town hall atmosphere and an all out lynch mob.

Please keep in mind that your right to swing your fist ends where someone else's nose begins.

Veteran, I own(ed) a company that CN recruited from and I have to say, you're off base. Sometimes, my employees would use his name when they were trying to squeeze me for a raise. So a couple times, I called him out about it. But I called him out by CALLING HIM! Much to my surprise, (honestly, I was kind of hoping he'd be an a'hole about it, that way it would be easier to just hate the guy), but he was actually a straight shooter. He wouldn't tell me explicitly if he was talking to my guys or not; but he would tell me, if I asked him, what he thought market values were for different kinds of people. Once he even told me what my people were complaining about internally and what they were happy about. It gave me the opportunity to address the bigger problems more directly if it made sense. And a couple times, I found out my guy wasn't even talking to CN - they were just using his name to grind me. It sucks that his name is used for all kinds of excuses. At first, I thought it was him that was the problem. In reality, I just didn't like the idea that one of my guys wanted to leave my company in general - had nothing to do with CN. And if I was taking care of my people (and believe it or not, money wasn't always the issue) I had nothing to worry about. CN's not your problem; but if you think he is, call him. You might be surprised.

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