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Friday, July 17, 2009


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Probably the ones who like a paycheck.

I'd follow that duck's ass anywhere!

... and the creative department at Universal (the park) is closing down.
All the creative will be outsourced to an external agency.


I hear Crew is moving. Does that have anything to do with this?

Crew (what's left of it) is moving. But it has relatively nothing to do with the people who are moving.

All ducklings have an innate instinct to fly south when the time comes.

Crew is over!! I give it two months tops. The Network Cable Department has left, AE and Creative director. Jenny Wall has left. All that is left are the clueless partners who have really no idea what they are doing. The day Damon left Crew was the day this company died. It actually is a very sad situation.

Do tell, Edwina! Nobody likes a teaser unless its a poster or a trailer.

Do tell? Do tell what? One person left, one was was let go, a few will stay, and a few will follow. Not really a big deal. Happens all the time.

Just to clear things up.
The above mentioned company isn't "moving" they were kicked out the building.

I'm sorry did you say "one person left/one was let go"?
How about the network creative director, the president of network, the president of the company, one of the creative directors in theatrical, many network art directors, the whole AV department. Developers, Designers and Project Managers are leaving the Interactive Department. And of course let's not forget the former owner who quit.

Word is everyone is using up their vacation time up before they quit, because the company won't pay it when someone quits.

I mean if you are going to bring up a story Edwina, mind as well give people the facts.

If only we knew the facts, Hardlyworking.
We received a number of "facts" regarding L&A and no two of these "facts" matched. So, we throw a little tidbit out there to see what surfaces. Is that so terrible? We think not.
Perhaps we will have confirmation of their destination on Monday.

"the whole AV department. Developers, Designers and Project Managers are leaving the Interactive Department. And of course let's not forget the former owner who quit."

Old news. That's going back at least a couple months. A/V had 4 years to get off the ground and just didn't. Of course Crew is moving. Why wouldn't they? And you think the president would gladly accept a lesser position?

"How about the network creative director, the president of network, many network art directors"

I think that's what Who Cares was saying.

It's beating a dead horse. For Crew to have a respectible future and return to solid finacial standing, gain trust etc, they need to thin the herd. Maybe even more than they already have. I honestly believe they will be better for it. If you don't like the company you work for, leave. If they don't like you, sever ties. If your division under performs, bye bye. If your leader leaves and you want to follow, go for it. It's all common practice in this industry and any other.

1. I am NOT in management.

2. DW's door was open, but in order to get answers, you still had to walk through it. Have you tried that with the guy way in the back?

3. You are right. The communication is a disaster. I feel your pain, but choose to look at the situation a bit differently from you.

4. Just because DW says he's swamped with work, doesn't mean he is. Doesn't mean he isn't either, but I just take it with a grain of salt. He obviously wants you (and others) to work with him, but very few (if any) have made the leap. There is a reason.

Take it easy, Funface. The people who made up that "shit department" and the interactive personel who you say "you can replace in about a minute" are all still people. They have value as human beings. I know some of them. While all of them might not be as talented as you, let's keep in mind they're still people. The individuals I know are, in fact, talented. And, more importantly, worked their asses off, put in many hours beyond the typical 50-60 hour work weeks and did their absolute best to make the most out of challenging situations. It's bad enough that several of them are still on the street without having to bear the brunt of comments like yours.

They weren't "network" people, F.Face... it was cable TV and syndication. BIG difference in terms of contracts.
And your "no one of importance" remark shows what a self-important jackass you really are.

"challenging situation" = clients didn't trust them to do a good job? could not pull in good projects and blow away client with cool shit? not the right connections? not the right people in charge? average is boring? oh, but yes, hard working!

"no one of importance" = didn't blow away clients with design skills? average animation skills? clients doesn't really care where they end up next? average is boring?

Don't be so touchy, didn’t hear F. Face say that they are bad people, just not important to the clients or the company? clients aren’t asking where they went? easy to replace skill level? no doubt they are good human beings (donating % of salary to homeless shelter, serving turkey to less fortunate during thank giving etc.) Doesn't read this blog, so don't care what people say about them?

Big difference in terms of contracts = who gives a crap?

Hey Notso Anonymous, you forgot to cry like a little girl over the following comment "All that is left are the clueless partners who have really no idea what they are doing" OR does only "YOUR FRIENDS" have value as human beings! If your friends were so talented and hard working they actually would not be out on the street! The recession is over.

The recession is over?!!! It ain't even close to being over. Pick up a newspaper, Bubble Boy!

Yes it is - everyone I know is telling me they are getting multiple job offers for tons of money, so in my world the recession must be over. Are you trying to tell me a 10% unemployment rate is not normal? More and more people defaulting on adjustable rate mortgages is a bad thing? You must be a communist!

Not sure if I should take you serisously, Farmer Joe. You're not being very coherent.

But I will say that I have less sympathy for the remaining partners as I think they've made decisions with the wrong motivations over the last several months. They've also been disingenuous in their communication with their team as well as the public.

I do take your point about Funface not saying they're bad people. My point is that we should simply remember that they ARE PEOPLE as we choose to bash them and their work.

Informed, just because you read something in the paper doesn't mean it's true. Besides "we hear Damon is swamped with work at his new gig" and we hear he is throwing well over 125K a year at his new hires. Where is the recession? Wonder if that means everyone that was working at the Cimarron Group BD is getting more cash? Oh no, I forgot, we hear that the new people will try to get rid of some of the old "lame people" and replace them with MORE NEW PEOPLE! No recession for Damon. Does this mean they have to start charging the clients more eventually or are they not concerned with making a profit?

Another stellar day at the falling house of Crew.
Basically the entire "rest of" Network/Cable department up and left today.

I don't think people even have new jobs they are resigning for. I'm pretty sure they just don't want the headache of the move. When really, what are we moving into and what's going to be there when we get there?

The fear is so thick you can cut it with a plastic fork.

What are the partners and upper management telling the people that are left? I can't believe they aren't communicating with anyone. What is wrong with them. How can they think that it's fair to just have a whole department walk out and not have something to say to the employees that are still left? Don't they understand how this effects everyone? Wake up partners, act like leaders! Get a plan together and let your people know what is really going on!

I wish I had enough business (and money) right now to hire some of these talented people getting tossed out of Crew and other places. Stay strong people - this will all pass and you'll land on your feet.

Apologies for positivity on this site.

Thank you, Notso. Laura an excellent reputation in this biz. Not sure what Harrumph's gripe is, but I doubt he's ever brought in a job, theatrical or otherwise, anywhere.

i'd like to take a moment to thank Edwina for giving you idiots the forum to take swipes at each other.

very entertaining. keep up the good work.

Nobody has a good reputation in EVERY circle, dude.
We are all loved and hated and respected and disrespected. Laura is in the same boat as anyone else with the poor luck to be named on this blog.

I hear you. I am just taking issue with AE claiming that she has an excellent reputation. I have been in the biz for a long time and I have never heard anyone say anything positive about her, that's all.

I know Laura and I happen to like her very much. I agree with Pony Rider, I'm sure if I were to sign my real name to this all kinds of anonymous scumbags like you would be taking shots at me.
If you are going to badmouth someone, you should sign your real name.

Everything on this blog is posted by anonymous scumbags. Isn't that the point of this blog? The one time I remember someone using a real name everyone started posting all kinds of negative stuff about them. Lesson learned, don't use your real name!!! Most of what I read here is negative (about individuals, specific work, the studios, various agencies and so on). Maybe it's just a place to blow off some steam. I think everyone has to take what is posted here with a grain of salt. All individual posts are just one persons opinion (good or bad), half the time the people posting don't even know the real story.

That's a good reminder, dontworry. Sometimes I do wish all this chatter was happening in a room where we could all actually see each other and have to be accountable for our words. I would hope that we could all be a bit more civil in those circumstances. I just regret that not everyone can be a bit more civil in this forum.

SAD.. Is it because this is the only blog I read? or every industry has the same sorry people like us.
We smile when we meet each other. Then we come home and bad mouth everyone we know here.

WOW... I'm speechless.

I'm sure every competitive industry is the same, they just might not have a blog they can spew their jealousy on.
That is basically what all these comments are, a forum for people who haven't quite made it big in this industry to crap on the leaders of it. Whether it be Damon, Jason whoever. Jealousy. Envy. Call it what you will. It's expected. I'm sure both Damon and Jason or anyone who has been slammed on this site don't give two shits about the comments being made about them. But their success is eating all of you up inside. The proof is in the comments

Jealousy? Maybe. But compare and contrast the comments re: Crew's Network/cable department's move to the Arterie... nothing but congrats and happy shout outs.

You see? What comes around goes around.

Hey Notso, I'm starting a therapy group at the log cabin on Robertson. Fridays right after work, midnight.

Sounds like fun. 2 questions:
- Will there be booze? (I hope so.)
- Should I come anonymously?

You got off work at midnight?
What is this -- a holiday?!!

Booze - BYOB
Anonymous - Costume like Eyes Wide Shut
Midnight - Tell your boss you have therapy or a child to take care of.

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