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Friday, July 31, 2009


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I think Unsigned is yanking your ninja mankiri chain, Edwina. Other than the mid-nose crop, I don't see any similarities.

That and the white background and desaturated color.

On second thought, the title art in the crotch gives Matrix Reloaded more in common with the Public Enemies one-sheet.

other than each image is one single man in action brandishing a weapon in one hand, a desaturated face-cropped image on white (no rye), 5 syllables in each-centered-at-the-bottom title, i see no similarities.

They are both posters for a movie.

They both suck.

Whoa!!! What a ripped off. Jesus f&^$* Christ!
Both posters also has the date and logos placed at the bottom. WOW.

They couldn't have been more unoriginal with the poster, sheesh.

What a bunch of cheap bastards.

I never cared for those Matrix Reloaded posters - too pretentious. But the Ninja Assassin has got some style to it.

These conversations and this website are a complete wank. All I read every other entry are people bitching about images being ripped off. Lets see some subjects where people post their great alternate ideas so we can see what good is.

Save your ass-kissing great ideas for client meetings, wanker. We come here to fling poo.

"flings poo" that is constructive and definitely cheaper than getting a therapist to whine to.

Try reading the headings of a blog before jumping in, wasted. If the banner says, "poo will be flung" then chances are poo will be flung

They are TOTALLY different...... one has a splat, the other has glowy type. Night and day.

waste, go and wank yourself. Can't take the heat, go read other blogs.

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