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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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A big congrats to them both, they are wonderful talented people who did not deserve to be treated the way they were at Crew. Good Luck at your new home.

clarification though. they didn't have twenty staff members in their department.

But good for them..

Crew treated that department like the ugly stepchild, even though the work was amazing.

This is great news...They are wonderfully talented and a great group of people who get to stay together now..The company they joined is amazing and now everyone can look forward to great work and a new fresh start.

I am so happy for them! I have worked with this group as a freelancer and they were my favorite people to work with in the industry hands-down. They are extremely talented and always get you laughing. I wish them all the best!

Looking at Crew's TV ads on IMPawards, they do some pretty kick-ass stuff. I'm sure they will continue to do great work wherever they are.

They truly are the best bunch of people you would ever want to know and work with! I hope that they continue to grow and produce the excellent top-notch work that they are so deservingly lauded for! Kisses and a BIG group hug to all 20+!!!

All this love and happiness --- what is this, Woodstock?

Hey, Duck You this is what we call positive feedback. It occurs on occasion when something is well deserved.

Best of luck to all and even those that are left @ Crew

The Arterie?

Who likes Oreo Outrageous? Flavor of the Month at Baskin and Robbins

Sounds good - im making cookies tonight! Mmmmmmm!

Wow. That's so ironic I was just debating what flavor to get tonight. Oreo Outrageous it is!

From what I've heard it is The Arterie. I used to freelance there and I can't imagine a better creative mix. They are the hot young agency in town and the new group sound like a perfect fit! I see the "9" campaign all over comic con and it's incredible. Smart move Crew...SMART MOVE!

How different to see the comments regarding L and A's team compared to those made about others on this blog.

If you have ever had the luck to work with a group like these guys -- smart, funny, talented people who don’t take themselves way too seriously, and who don’t get all psycho competitive, who have real lives outside of work, then you know how to put this blog into perspective.

If you can’t just laugh at yourself and this business then you really should just go and get back to work and leave this blog to those of us who enjoy a good joke at our own expense.

Lighten up, people!


Edwina is the Perez Hilton of Entertainment Advertising!

Well said, Mama!

Don't you all get it. The team is posting this stuff about themselves, why wouldn't it be a love fest? While some of the people that worked as the ugly stepchildren for Crew may be lovely, there were also some freaky and not so talented people. I freelanced there and I can name a few that made me wonder how they scored jobs in the field, I won't mention names. The Farterie "a HOT young agency" are you kidding? Who decided that it would be ok to stack letters for the navigation on their website (design no no), the about us section is all in upper case (not a good idea), logo is bad, work is mediocre at best! But in the spirit of Woodstock - good luck all!

Looks like whynot is sitting unemployed somewhere, and bitter... now now play nice.

Poor little Why Not. Have you been treated like an ugly stepchild one too many times? It's no wonder why you can't get a fulltime gig and only freelance-and by the sound of how you are critiquing you have a whole lotta time on your hands these days you work-less soul, why feel the need to feed other your negativity?



The Farterie? What are you, twelve?

The 9 campaign IS all over comicon and is very nice. But our job in advertising is to open a film and THAT film ain't gonna open. So, who's failure is that?

And the Arterie is far from new. Just old ADs shifted to a new place. Just like studio execs. The same goons moving from studio to studio.

If you think that 9 isn't going to open, especially after it's huge presence at Comic Con, then you have seriously lost it. When it opens, it's going to be huge.

And it's just not old ADs there, get your facts straight.

I actually don't think the 9 print campaign is that great, it's flat looking and it doesn't do the trailer justice. Maybe there isn't JUST old AD's at the Arterie, but definitely most of them are old and now most of the designers will be old also, not that it's anything wrong with that, if you like that sort of thing! Not very impressed with the work I have seen coming out of there. Good luck and love to the universe!

Show us your non-goon creds, Pablo.

Looks like picker is just as bitter, you couldn't recognize any talent if it hit you over the head with it. and where are these people getting their facts from? wrong, just very very wrong.

why don't you read some of the opinions of those blogs and fans of the 9 campaign, they seem to love it. That's where it counts, not the opinions of tired OLD bitter laid off individuals sitting in their studio apt alone crying.

It's just nice to know somebody cares. Thank you all!

actually, if public taste was an indication of quality, we wouldn't have many artists we now admire and Norman Rockwell would be one of the most collected.

Also, it's not "hating" to have a critical opinion.

sounds like someone didn't get their gold star today.

my name is nathan corwin, and i've worked at the arterie since its inception.

bitch all you want, but it's been an amazing experience working with such talented people on such fun projects.

all the new heads here are very creative and driven individuals. they were selected for a reason.

if anyone feels there's too much positivity here, please email me personally with your complaints and bitterness; i'd love to get your facts straight.

of course, i expect you to use your real name. call me old-fashioned, but i just can't take seriously anyone who throws stones from behind a fence.


Edwina, why do you have a Scientology banner ad on your site? Do you have no standards?

it's not an indication of quality, but as discussed before, whether it was going to open or not was the question. And Fans love the campaign. Fans fill seats. They're has been many great campaigns, and movies have flopped, and vice versa. Just saying they're many great and talented people at that shop, and if they take on more, good for them.

and no....i don't need a gold star to know that working in this industry in this economy right now is all the gratification i need. so why don't you be serious and just give it a rest already.

i agree, i wish good luck to all of them.

Dear Mr. Irving,

We have no control over to the ads The Google selects for our site. We can only assume, given their limitless capacity to mine and analyze personal data, that The Google has concluded that the readers of this blog would be likely candidates for Scientology.

oh Edwina, you forgot your trademark sign-off: xoxo Gossip Girl.

Can we get back to ice cream - this shit is boring!

I live in a house, I have plenty of work, and I do know talent when I see it. I may just not have the same opinion on talent and art as you do - really can't stand haters.

Do you think that people on this blog mostly post positive opinions? If you don't like what is said on this blog why do you read threads like this? Why don't you focus on the treads that you want to read and let people express their opinion. It's a free country. I don't hear anyone saying that what they are posting is the absolute truth and everyone has to agree.

why are you so negative on these posts? It's all in good fun. Express your opinion, that's what a discussion board/blog is for, but let's not get snippy.

Play nice children, a good time out is due for both of you.

I'm sorry but we are commenting on postings and can say what we feel. I've worked with Andrew and he is great. Lisa is nothing without Andrew and is horrible at sales, ask anyone at Crew. The designers are ok, one are two are great as long as Andrew oversees them. The Arterie is a C shop that doesn't do anything that has gotten any traction. It may be a good shop and nice people, who knows, but is on no ones radar for big campaigns.

Farterie Fucktards! ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waaaaah. Sounds like highpressureshop is one of the ducklings that Lisa left behind.
Ah, who wants those stupid grapes, they're probably sour anyway!

Any publicty, is good publicity. We must be doing something right to be this interesting. Be worried the day, they stop talking.

Loving life, and the crew ;)

Lisa and Andrew's Network team is like a family. They love working with each, treat each other with respect, inspire each other creatively and most importantly, they have fun.

I am SO SICK of you people! All of you "haters" sound so completely insecure! Stop ripping apart other peoples opportunities and good fortune and put your focus back onto your probably mediocre "art".

In response to "highpressureshop":

1. If Lisa was "horrible at sales", how could we have been one of the most profitable teams in this industry? I don't know where you are getting your information, but it is false.

2. The artists that I work with are amazing, I am nothing without them. The proof is in the work that we do. Go to IMP Awards, and scroll down to the bottom of the "Crew" section to look at our work.

3. The Arterie is a cutting-edge shop with a portfolio of amazing work, and more being produced right now. The work speaks for itself. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Must be nice to hope for the thing you wish to want...

Andrew Andrew
have you seen Arterie's porfolio?
cutting edge?
how about "lost it's edge".
hopefully you can breath life into that tired place.

If the Network department was so profitable, then why did Crew declare Bankruptcy.

Why don't you all start your own company. But that would require that you actually put some effort into your job and not leave early so you can have lives outside of work.

Until then recognize that you are nothing more than employees traveling from job to job.

You leave no legacy in this industry, your names will not be remembered, you are a faceless cogs in companies that provide you with a paycheck and the credibility to work with clients that were handed to you.

The last time I checked, you don't get a paycheck for fun and to support each other, you get a paycheck to work.

It is easy to have 'fun and be like a family' when someone else is paying you, paying the rent, buying the lunches and computers.

I freelanced with the Network team. They are a great bunch!

Let me educate you on a few things "Really??"

First of all, absolutely no one in Crew's ex-network dept. bears even the slightest responsibility for Crew's financial misfortune. Network was a team of about 15 within a total of about 140 employees.

HAHA!! That "put some effort into your job and not leave early so you can have lives outside of work" is your most telling and pathetic line of all. I actually pity you for believing that effort equates to working late nights and sacrificing your social/family life. If a shop is run properly there should be no reason for anyone to be denied a balance of life and work. Sadly, your conditioning is unmistakable.

I find it fascinating that the "faceless cogs" you are referring to have elicited so much attention with just the mention of their relocation and have even compelled a person like yourself, a person who I'm sure will leave a long-standing legacy in this industry and whose name will no doubt be remembered for generations to come, to take notice and comment. I'm sure your departure from the sweat shop you work for will generate just as much interest. Remember, ignorance is never justification for slander.

Lastly, if the network dept. were a bunch of slackers who care only about "having fun and be like a family" they would have no work. Clients pay for creative, consistent, dependable service which the network dept. has conveyed they can achieve time and again. If they can deliver on their commitments to their clients and at the same time leave at a decent hour to share their lives with their loved ones, then they are obviously doing something right and you are obviously uninformed. Consider yourself enlightened. Your welcome.

"Really" informed? HAHA? What are you 12 yo, because you are as naive as one.

Portions of my post were deleted so the true message has been altered, however, your perspective reveals the satisfaction for a mediocre life and total lack of understanding that defines being a cog.

The 'cog' issue was a secondary message to my original post. However, it has clearly struck a cord with you, so much that you became defensive. The first sign that you are afraid that what I said is true.

You have enlightened me to the fear and insecurity within you. Thank you.

HAHA!! I can't help but laugh as well as to be utterly amused by your complete lack of competence and since your "true" message was altered it's seems like I'm not the only one who believes that.

"Struck a cord with you, so much that you became defensive," "the first sign that you are afraid that what I said is true," "the fear and insecurity within you." Sounds like someone has been seeing a shrink. Good luck with that.

Look "Really??" I REALLY don't have the time or energy to begin a childish back and forth on who's feelings are hurt the most. I just felt the need to respond to your misconceptions of a team you clearly know nothing about. I suggest the next time you decide to share your opinions on a subject matter, do some research, educate yourself, and maybe then you'll be taken seriously. Oh, and you're welcome.

Really?? you are one pathetic human being.


oh snap!

In response to "Realy??":

I feel so sorry for you. You are so gravely ignorant I don't even know where to begin. First things first- any company which files Chapter 11 must make all of its financial records open to the public, so before you go accusing a group of 15 people for Crew's financial peril, I suggest you do a little research. Secondly, I find it incredibly disheartening that you seem to pride yourself on your lack of personal life and experience outside of the office. If working all day and all night and never doing anything else is what defines you as a person, then I guess you win. There are people in this industry with and incredible work ethic, who also strive to do things besides designing posters. Most of us who "leave early" usually go home and make art in other mediums, or try to enrich our lives in ways that can expand our creativity. But if staying at work all night and working overtime that you are never compensated for is what validates you as a person and an artist, you keep right on doing what you're doing.

P.S- you are the UGG boot of commenters.


Oh, shit! Did UGG boots go out of style while I was on vacation?

Not for free lancer - why do you think that highpressureshop is one of the ducklings that Lisa left behind - I doubt it. He/she is not the only one with that opinion. Please don't feel sorry for people with a different opinion than yourself. Don't worry about us having jobs, houses, or being lonely. Some of us - with different opinions are not sad, evil and stressed - we have our own opinions. You talk plenty of shit, but you are not willing to hear the opinion about you or the company you work for.

Nathan Corwin why would anyone want to email you personally with complaints and bitterness - first of all, many of us have no idea who you are, and we would not be so rude as to email someone we don't know about our personal opinion about the company you work for - we would rather respond to blog posts - where have you been for the last 5 years? Why don't you talk to your new co-workers about posting negative comments on this board without using real names? Did you not read all the postings from designers working at Crew explaining how they were sitting there waiting for the ship to sink, not doing any work but collecting paychecks. They are working with you now! It was fun reading about all the crazyness at the time, but you got to wonder why you thought these people are the kind of people you would want to work with. No matter what the situation was, I think they would be mature enough to get out of a bad situation right away or talk to their boss about the concerns they had. These people were not ethical, they did not give any of the paychecks they collected while doing nothing to the freelancers that they hired. Selfish pigs! For sure I would have done that no matter how it effected me.

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