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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Please stop using the phrase "If you're like us" at the beginning of every article.


Bill - If you're like us, you'd like it.

Dear Bill S.

We know it’s early in the workday, but there’s no need to get snippy about things.

If you were like us, you would know not to use the word “every” when you really mean “many”.

Nice posters, but most of them require that the viewer already know what the movie is about. Nice design exercise, dubious marketing tools for first run films.

None the the less, "The Great Dictator" design is brilliant.

Jiminy is right... and none of them are as cool this vintage poster that someone posted on this blog the other day:


We agree with 'Nooner'.

Sal Bass kicks ass!

If you're like us, you prefer headless bodies:


If you're like us, you prefer the Arterie v. Crew poo flinging contest.

TOMCATS - Poster design by Concept Arts

If you're like us, I feel sorry for you.

If you're like us, you're starting the "Ignition Clock" to see how quickly the posters are "referenced"...

OOh OOh OOh OOh OOh....can I start the "Ignition clock?"

If you're like us, I really want to get back on poo flinging with each other.

Magnificent Seven - Looks like Magnificent Six

Grapes of Wrath - Nice modern (flopped no less) telephone lines.

Dr Strangelove - Dr. Strangeposter.

To Catch A Thief - Should be easy since he has no feet.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Willy Wonka called, wants hat back.

The Big Heat - Brought to you by Starbucks.

The Letter - The blood smear is on the wrong side of the envelope, C-.

Guess Who's Coming to Diner? - Guess who can't line up the plates or scale the silverware.

High Society - Good luck holding that glass without a thumb.

Jailhouse Rock - Give him a hand!

Safety Last - Harold Loyd is HANGING AROUND.

Gilda - We've run out of ideas too.

Thank God Jiminy liked one poster (The Great Dictator). I was beginning to regret sending those links to Edwina. I thought they were cool representations of classic movies meant for people who are fans of great movies (and already know the plot). Plus Olly is 21 and has a great design sense. I haven't read such negativity since the last time I was on aintitcoolnews.com. One last thing, Yul represents the last numeral in the "Magnificent Seven". You know this right? You're just having a laugh...right?

Jiminy is just another bitter old timer like that tard Art Korector.

Does anyone know who did the TCM posters? They clearly weren't done by anyone in our business.

I love how people shit all over the posters (I'm looking at you Jiminy) when we all know we'd kill to have the printed posters in our book. You could pretty much write your own ticket at any number of agencies with those under your belt. True, you'd never be asked to do it again, or be asked to shoehorn a couple of heads in there, but still.

The ironically named agency... http://www.1trickpony.com/

You're right Lois, great work for a student portfolio.

Right........ I'd much rather have "Year One" in my portfolio.

I already put Year One in my portfolio, and I didn't even work on it.

Good luck getting that entry level job.

"Every generation thinks they invented the wheel."

And evidently you were around to know who really did.

Year One.

I like em. From a communication point of view I don't think they were intended for anyone other than the folks who already know the movies. So to me, that is solid advertising.

You know, if TCM HAD put out a bunch of more traditional movie posters, (cast/ big scenes etc) you guys would all be bitching that there was no reason to do that for classic movies and that they should go minimal and iconic like they did.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Great comps, can't wait to see the finishes...

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