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Friday, July 17, 2009


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Edwina, thank you for going to some effort to research and post worthwhile content to brighten the days between scandals.

Dearest Edwina,
I have it on solid authority that the billing block and poster design for The Butterfly Effect were both done by a brilliant young AD at Art Machine. While the work on Lord of War was done by a brilliant older CD at that very same shop.

7 years before "The Butterfly Effect", Dawn Patrol designed "Masterminds", a little Columbia Pictures film.

it goes further back...


Uh - I had a big hand in that Butterfly fin... and I am pretty sure it didn’t start with me!

I was the first one to wrap a billing block around an AE's throat. And then pull. Tighter.

and around the character

There's more


Art Machine has the most wrap the billing around one sheets.

i was the first to put it on the back.

do your homework "Pretty Woman"

"Do your homework"???!!!
What is this, Rob -- high school?

So much innovation in our industry. It makes me weep.

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