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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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"Mmmmm, humpday."

Props for the indefatigable "If you're like us" trope. Point well taken on broadcast/cable vs. theatrical as well; are there any agencies that handle one and won't work on the other?

Note to editor.: "Humpday" is one word. Grammar is a bitch.

PS - imp has this at least: http://www.impawards.com/tv/standard.html

Dear Mr. Burns,

Sorry to disappoint, but just because a copy line makes it to finish, that does not necessarily mean that is conforming to the rules of usage.

May we quote two vanguards of modern lexicology:

“An American English idiom for Wednesday is ‘hump day’ a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as getting ‘over the hump.’” -- Wikipedia

“Hump day: The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.” -- Urban Dictiionary

Grammar is a not a bitch, it is a boon companion.

We stand advised, but please note that in the Lexicon of Modern Motion Picture Marketing, HUMPDAY appears to be one word.


Oh, Edwina! How I love it when you attempt to enlighten your readers!

Walter, you need to step away from your monitor and pick up your Strunk and White.

exsqueeze me, but Fox has an extensive outdoor media blitz, that is of course if you're at the intersection of Pico and Overland and gazing at the single billboard.

Apparently "NCIS:Los Angeles" takes place during a malaria outbreak. On all the outdoor I've seen, the boys have a slightly Simpson-ish flesh tone.

"Strunk and White is toxic mix of purism, atavism, and personal eccentricity is not underpinned by a proper grounding in English grammar. It is often so misguided that the authors appear not to notice their own egregious flouting of its own rules . . . It’s sad. Several generations of college students learned their grammar from the uninformed bossiness of Strunk and White, and the result is a nation of educated people who know they feel vaguely anxious and insecure whenever they write 'however' or 'than me' or 'was' or 'which,' but can’t tell you why."

Edwina, you are correct in your usage of hump day as two words.

Now, can we please get back to the malaria outbreak going on in Los Angeles?

Yeah, what Geoffrey said. What did he say?

Oh Victor, you just wait...

Grammar IS a bitch (as is my ex- wife.)

Your letter spacing and punctuation are both incorrect:

There should not be a space between the hyphen and wife.

Periods go inside parentheses only if an entire sentence is inside the parentheses.

This is why I divorced you.

I rest my (lower) case.

Uh oh, looks like Tuesday is anything
but the new Humpday... http://tinyurl.com/n8xkl3

I think LL Cool J needs to see a doctor and have that gun-toting hand on his shoulder removed.

and Julianna Margulies' head is not centered on her neck...Goodwife, bad headstrip.

I always say if you're going to pick a perspective, you should stick with it. Is it an upshot or not? The trees on the left say "maybe", while the ones on the right say "no".

There must be something in the pool water that turns you into a GIANT!
And something in L.A. air that turned Chris O'D into Linda Blair. Yeesh!!

You're right! I can't understand why they don't include these marketing gems in the Key Art Awards.

The designers certainly put as little effort and craftsmanship into them as is invested in most movie posters these days.

not as distracted by the giant hot blond as I am by the obnoxious lens flare. it reminds me of all the times i got pulled over by the cops.

that one guy looks like he is about to pee in the pool while watching those two get busy. perv alert!

Maybe that's just me (tending to the family pool was my chore), but the first thing I thought of when I saw the Melrose ads was..... ALGAE! Water that color usually means a nasty rash. Then again, it's Melrose Place, so nasty rashes are probably pretty common.

Lens flares and head strips? Where's all the crew-gossip? the ignition-hate? the poo? I'm going to perez instead.

Those Melrose posters are freaking creepy, especially the first one. She looks like she is tolerating with only mildly concealed disgust the guy/dog who is about to hump her leg in an especially awkward way.
As much as I miss the amusement of outdoor advertising, this sort of thing makes me glad we don't have this sort of thing here in Paradise.

tuesdays aren't a bitch...they're a photoshop disaster!

I agree with Tattler...B O R I N G

Sorry Tattler.... we have to make do with the hand we're dealt. Edwina seems to be a bit gun-shy on all the salacious stuff lately.

Who you callin' Webster??!

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