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Monday, November 23, 2009


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Been there, Donne that.

A is for Arsonal - A "C" at the best
B is for Beemis - more aged than the rest
C is for Concept - do they still exist?
D is for Dawn Patrol - Drop them from the list.
E is for Empire - they keep to themselves
F is for Faction - removed from the shelves
G is for Gravillis - they do some pretty good work
H is for Hauser - They're great - said with a smirk
I is for Ignition - the Copymat for our times
J is for Jeremy Sanders -

Sorry - I can't quite finish this. I have to find work.

I'd pay big money to see this "Crew Cast of Characters" post

If the poster is willing to step out from behind the veil of anonymity then I say post it

I like that amendment to the "no personal attacks" policy. If you're willing to put your name to it, go get 'em, tiger! Just a suggestion.

i agree with havesomeballs. spill it.

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