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Friday, December 04, 2009


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I do feel for those bitter art directors to have to slave away on crappy projects every day and have nothing better to do than to slam Crew. Yall should DVR General Hospital instead, those people aren't real.
Get back to work.

Last night I woke up in a sweat hearing "LUNCH IS READY!"

REALLY?? Crew?? Seriously??? OMG!

The only reason people are so bitter is because Crew was so freakin' sweet.


Crew was an amazing place.
everyone is just jealous.
Regardless of what happened with Crew financially, everyone is landing great jobs, because they are talented, yes including the owners.

It wasn't THAT great. The people who worked there were cool, though.

Forget the freelancers, forget all the employees that didn't get their vacation pay. What the hell happened to the cats?!?!?!!

that place was a complete and total mess, with a ton of talented people driven into the ground (literally OK) night and day by egomaniacs acting as if they were in charge when the clients were the ones calling the shots and pulling all of the (purse) strings. worst commercial real estate deal in the county in 2008 with their offices on wilshire - a laughable venture. possibly the best example in the industry of how to ruin, not run, what was a great company. three blind mice. luckily the first to be let go actually took $omething with them. :)

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