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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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On Facebook:
Julian Hills bids a very fond farewell to the Farm after 10 extraordinary years. So proud of what we made, and SO excited about this new adventure.

I would follow Julian anywhere he goes!

Hopefully to hell...

Left on their own. When companies keep laying off the people they want to get rid of they're bound to lose some of the ones they want to keep.

How about middle-age-oblivion?

I agree Lurkey. Julian is great to work for.

Eclipse? Really? Is Glenn Garland still over there?

great guy to work for, wish him nothing but the best.

President: Steve Dubb...LOL!

This will end badly.

One can only hope...

Ant Farm still had a print dept? Could have fooled us.

Willoughby! Next stop is Willoughby!

Ahead of the axe. But it lands right down the middle of the farm.

+1 to Carl Withers'.

There's a "bought the farm" joke in there somewhere.

But seriously... all I know about Eclipse is they take everyone's key art, format it into a trade ad, enter it in the key arts and win an award. They took one of my campaigns, slapped "$100,000,000" on it and got an award. What is that? The original campaign was nothing to write home about, and I did it - it wasn't even nominated. I guess they get the award for "Best Uses of Digits".

So where does it actually say that Julian is going to Eclipse? Could he have a new "adventure" in store for himself?
Perhaps he and Peter Stougaard are finally taking their band on the road -
"Say goodbye to Hollywood / say goodbye, my baby..."


And who really cares about this when the Sony list of former home entertainment employees should make for far more interesting talk about the many inherent failures in the entertainment advertising business and how Blair Rich gets to still stick it around.

Peter would have to get Tony Sella's permission first.

This is just like reading the police blotter!

Any positive remarks regarding Julian and his work is, most definitely,coming from one of the two other former ants going with him,or himself. Many were let go so as to keep himself afloat, but finally to no avail. He needs to hang up the gloves after his unsuccessful move to Eclipse. Farewell ol' chap. You will not be missed.

Not necessarily true, Likeitis. Julian has pretty solid rep... and no one in this business is truly beloved by their peers.

No doubt Callin It Likeitis was one of the "many" let go by Julian "so as to keep himself afloat."

That or he's a copywriter. In any case, he's an idiot.

Blaming Julian Hills for layoffs at the Ant Farm is like blaming those Godless Haitians for getting themselves earthquaked (only, you know, not quite as insensitive).

I am deeply beloved by my all my beer.

I have never worked for Ant Farm or Julian just to set the record straight.

He has a solid rep because he is a solid guy perhaps Callin it Likeitis a little disenchanted.

Okay, no ex-girlfriends allowed.

So we all know who 'Callin it bullshit' is amongst the other "friends" on this string of comments. And it looks like he's swinging in the dark hoping to land a couple of jabs at former print employees.

Julian did what just about everyone else in this business does - open an agency (or print department) balanced solely on one, and only one, solid client. Nothing wrong with that. In his case it was David Sameth at Dreamworks. But when Dreamworks went to Paramount, all the print work went to BLT. And that was pretty much that. But it's no different at most other agencies - they're all one executive shuffle away from oblivion. If Blair Rich decides to "pursue other interests", see how well "Works" works.

Likeitis, I've worked for Julian as a freelancer a couple of years ago and he was great to work with. Why is that hard for you to believe? What did he do to you?

Wax on all you want "Likeitis". Your bitterness is showing.

This is mean, discussing a single man. pun not intended.

While you are reading this, does anyone need a babysitter for June 11?

looks like all the rude shit is just coming from one disgruntled dork. Watch out, Likeitis... Edwina will shut you out if you don't play nice.

Who's Julian Hills? Never heard of him.

You pegged me! One bitter lemon. No really, I stand alone with my rude and cruel comments. I just want him to love me.(single tear)

Ant Farm is out. Eclipse is in.
What kind of crazy fucked world are we living in?

Hate to tell you, but PRINT is OUT. And any agency hanging their hat on it is out too.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Hey Beenthere don't be such a Zwibelgesicht.

Starting your own agency is also out.

Working 80 hr week for 60k a year...
In or Out?

(What they do!)

(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)

(What they do!)

Yup never dated him either....
still a good guy.
Maybe Likitis needs to get laid.
Eating lunch at his desk too much

Oh Loser,

You still get weekends? Thats SO 2009.

100 hours is the new 80 hours.
$45K is the new $60k.

Hope that's helpful.

A little background on Eclipse: Only been around for a few years or so. True they started (I guess) as a breakdown shop, but in the last few years have done a lot of original stuff in the gaming, adaptive & HE world. As far as I can tell, one of the few shops actually doing pretty well. Julian Hills can only help them out. We'll see.

Bingo Ideaguy.

That's what I hear, too... they going after gaming... and good fuckin luck, Chuck cuz gaming budgets suck!!! That's why Petrol hires those 20-year-olds who still live at home and can live on 25k a year.

I love how everybody has been using the two phrases:

1.) In these economic hard times, you're lucky to have a job.

2.) Print is dead.

Guess what bitches... I do both!
design is design and I can either RGB or CMYK all day long.

I don't know why everyone is willing to take work for less and put in the long hours!

I work a standard 40 hour work week. Never work weekends and get to go out for lunch every day.
When I worked at one of your beloved sweat shops and felt enough was enough with exploiting me, I told them to piss off and left.

I am not a top ranking AD or CD I am a worker bee that plays well with others and gets my shit done on time.

Stop your crying, log into lynda.com and learn some online design so you can have the upper hand and not feel like your tiny little print world is dead.

waaaaaa! you hurt my feelings!

AreGeeBee sounds like someone I may actually know. If he is who I think he is. He is so full of shit too.

You get paid based on your negotiation skills, not talent.

Oh Mr. Fukit, did you want a cookie for might/might not knowing me?

To AreGeeBee: So the fact that you have a job means that the times aren't tough and print is fine? That's probably not a statistically significant sample. But good for you. Bitch.

I don't want anything Mr. AreGeeBee. I'm just happy that I'm not you.

Who here really cares if print is dead? I design key art and I really don't give a shit if it shows up on a printed poster, website, electronic billboard, or a hologram keychain. Anyone not working for LA Graphico or a newspaper really doesn't have that much to worry about. Movie advertising isn't going away, even if printed posters are. Shit, electronic media replacing print really just means more art will go to finish and see the light of day. It's a good thing.

Thank you Joey!
Put that in your pipes, Flav and Fuk.

Thank you Joey D for stating, what should be, the obvious. Of course times are tough, and of course Print is struggling, but the need for key art still exists in the entertainment industry, and that's unlikely to change any time soon. At any rate, I doubt Julian/Eclipse will christen their new venture the Print Department.

Actually, Joey D, electronic media replacing print really just means more art will go to finish and see the light of NIGHT.

Thank god we're moving into digital. At 72dpi, I don't have to worry about all those pesky details, subtlety or finishing skills.

key art will never die, and at the rate digital billboards / screens are going up i'll be retired before it becomes the norm.

like i always say: if the check clears, who gives a fuck.
Word to mother!

I never said print was dead. It's morphing.

The Julian Calendar...six months tops. Unless Hills is bringing a million $$ account with him, he'll be jettisoned - fast.

Don - Check your etymology at the door, it's: "word to THE mother." http://tinyurl.com/ykxg7zf

Uh, duh, Webster - check your IQ at the door. Your link doesn't back you up.

And if by "M. Webster" you're making some retarded reference to the dictionary guy, his first name began with an N. As in Noah.

"Word to the mother." Used by African Americans as a salutation. It means "Give due respect to the motherland from which we came." Can be used in the same context as "Keep it real." or, also, can be used to literally express respect to the motherland and African-American customs and traditions.
Man 1: I'll be seeing you man. Keep it real.
Man 2: Word to the mother.
Man 1: Word.

Back to the typing pool for you, Peggy...peace out.

m webb, i dont need any etymology, especially not from some douchey site like urban dictionary.

birds like you get stuck for the cake and the icing. fokoutahere.

" In these economic hard times, you're lucky to have a job."

I so worked all these thankless hours for years just to hear that joyous phrase.

...don't forget about the "INDUSTRY STANDARD" rates and stuff... :)

...price fixing? :)

Um...It's actually "word to YOUR mother".

That's right Ice, you da man.

No actually, it's "word to your moms" Now jump up and get down.


I was in New York a couple of weeks ago for a photo shoot. The studio put me up at the Soho Grand which was very nice of them. It was my first time staying there. Famous people like to stay at that hotel because they let guests bring their pets. And famous people like that, evidently. To my taste, the place is a bit shabby. I got the impression that when it first opened, twelve years ago, it was probably shining and splendid, but no one has bothered to keep the place up. So it feels kind of worn, but not in a particularly comfy way, more in a way indicative of there having been too many dogs around the place, lying on all the furniture.

...sounds familiar?

...so, been hearing a lot about this not so well kept secret meeting between all the agency heads to have a standard industry rate for freelancers... brainchild of JG?

price fixing bunch of scumbags.

You mean freelancers will actually get paid?!!

As someone who has been at those meetings I don't recall freelancers even being discussed. The studios are the ones they're worried about and the lawyers are very specific about how groups like that can talk about price. Freelancers are the least of agency problems right now. You're paranoid.

I agree with FIAV. A lot of freelancers think they're the center of the universe, but even the best of us are very small cogs in a very big machine.

...have YOU or ANYONE YOU KNOW got a call from JG with "suggestions"?

Why are you being anonymous AND cryptic? Just ask the fucking question.

If lawyers are present at these meetings you've got to know that terms like "price fixing" and "racketeering" are being discussed - not only in terms of the agencies involved, but studios and freelancers as well...HUGE legal exposure involved, but from what I hear, there are other legal issues afoot...

BTW...Are we talking about JG from the Polish Copymat?

Imagine Beyond Thunderdome with JG as Master and JL as Blaster.

Lawyers were never present at any meeting I was at. Geesh. If a group of freelancers were to get together to discuss their prices and their clients it would be good to consult a lawyer so as to avoid even the appearance of price fixing collusion. That's all I meant. You understand that studios are spending massively less money than they did just a short time ago, that all of the agencies that cropped up have beens scrambling to tread water or not sink too fast. The fundamentals of this industry are dramatically different than a year and half ago. Don't believe it. Assume there's some big plot or something, but you're only hurting your own chances of survival. (Reality always a better starting point than delusion.) If you want to look for a villain how about Viacom and GE, for example?

...JG doings seem fishy anyway...

I know you guys all must know each other, read each others' minds and your periods are all in sync - but - for those of us who don't automatically know what the hell you're talking about would you pretty please explain what JG's fishy dealings supposedly entail?

I think they are referring to Jill Green at Ignition.

We have the who. What about the what?

What's on second and who's on first...

Somebody spill the fishy tales. If there's something rotten afoot, the labor force needs to be informed.

Knowing them as well as I do, I would guess (and it's only a guess) that they're trying to get everyone to agree on a cap for what they pay freelancers. I understand it from their point of view... they do the same drone work everyone else does for the bulk of their work, but what gives them their cred is the Polish ripoffs, and how much should you pay someone to google search "european posters"? $20 an hour? That's the mindset. They'll settle for $50, reluctantly. Bitterly.

The "New Normal".

ART DIRECTORS NEED A UNION, every other facet of the entertainment industry has one even the janitors for christ sake, why not us. the agencies play by whatever rules they want to get ahead, no lunches no breaks, crazy overtime and for what, a dvd box for a movie that went straight to video wtf. we need to stand up and GET TOGETHER. PROBLEM SOLVED

Edwina is editing the comments and taking out names.


...you guys wanna meet?

Me and Edwina? No, we know each other. Lovely person. A bit of a lightweight with the cocktails, but charming none the less.

...art directors.

Dear Mr. Been There,

Surely a long time reader like yourself is aware of Edwina Trout's Rules of Engagement.


Duly noted.

Yes, times are tough. Yes, studios are stingy. Yes, certain discussions and decisions made by
certain trade groups of business owners can on occasion constituent actionable violations of both State and Federal law.
Yes, many of the people in our lovely industry are
self-serving and small minded destructive Aholes.
And yes all of these facts can exist simultaneously in the same universe without cancelling each other out.

Re: Buttnuffigus
I agree 100%. A union is long over due for Art Directors! The problem is too many of us are divided on this issue. If any thing productive can come from this website, it would assist in making connections and gathering those who care to spearhead this into action. After all, agencies and studios are frequently meeting to discuss the well being of their business. So to should a freelancer union!

The most talented, most in demand people you would need to make a union work would have no need or interest in joining a union. How are you middling folks who don't seem to have enough personal whatever to negotiate your own decent career going to make that happen? Again, at a time when AV companies - let alone print - who are working on major campaigns right now are barely breaking even? There's a reason you're not making enough money right now. Not many people are. And it has nothing to do with unions.

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