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Sunday, February 28, 2010


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A million bail on a misdemeanor charge, bit draconian isn't it? Trutanich think tourists come to Hollywood for the good taste? What about Rippleys dinosaur across the street? That thing is just as much of an eyesore and wind sail.

Outdoor advertising is NOT a crime. Putting up such signs without any permits or inspections IS a crime. Whether or not the $1 million bail is excessive is a separate issue.

"Setareh was apparently warned ahead of time not to post the sign, though Trutanich's chief deputy, William Carter, said the kidnapper-level bail was justified by "public safety issues." "There's something more to this that I think is going on," law professor Laurie Levenson said. Here's a possible "something more" — the sign promotes a movie and would have been visible to cameras covering the Oscars next weekend."

And as we all know, there's NO promoting of movies during the sacred Oscars event.

Well, duh! That dragon burned a hole
clear through the building. This is Hollywood's 9/11!

that stunt is giving this movie more press than any outdoor campaign ever.

"I'm just doing my job..."




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