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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


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that's interesting considering we just laid off our entire new media department. I wonder if it's because we needed room for this group? Oh just another day at Mojo.

Was it just new media? i heard 19 people were let go yesterday. How is the old media doing? Is Wilshire really cursed?

After that Sex and the City Poster..they should have fired their whole print department.


Shut your internet snark hole the adults are talking.

Seriously, I hear that a bunch of art directors quit Arterie in the wake of A & L leaving... are they ALL going to Mojo? Sounds like a lot of overhead.

Sounds like "the most profitable group in the business" strikes again.

Do Andrew and Lisa have a Bennifer/Brangelina type name yet?

Never heard of any of these places...

They can't be any good.

I wish luck to them both! and yes, both of those places are well known, unclog your ears.

They aren't going to Mojo!
Mojo pulled the plug as apparently the company is in a financial mess. They laid off not just the new media group, but a bunch others..

I smell a Crew V2.

Andralisa should have gotten something in writing before they quit the Artirie...

It was just a ruse to keep people guessing. I have a feeling they have something big up their sleeves...

Well, I wish everybody the best of luck, have a job and be happy.

They should start their own gig so there are even MORE shops out there. The playing field is not crowded enough.

Can't believe Mojo would pass on those big fat budgets from Discovery and BBCAmerica!

I would take Discovery and BBCAmerica work any day. Call me, Discovery and BBCAmerica!

it's amazing what passes for news 'round these parts

I hear that A and L have started their own company with Jim Morrison, Elvis, and Jack Kennedy as CEO.

Even the unemployment office is a much better place than were they were. Even the state of CA has more cash flow than that place. You can never trust someone running a business on favors, sympathy, bubblegum and shoestrings.

Um maybe because Andrew and Lisa over-promised is why Artrie didn't fight for them and Mojo found out they have no work.

No one wants to work with "TV People" anymore... just ask the clients.

Favors, Sympathy, & bubblegum? How else do u get jobs? because Kickbacks are heard to come by these days.

Oh, we get those too... hahahaha

who owns the Arterie?


newbie in the industry!

Yeah, but his Maserati does 185.

Yeah, but he lost his license now he can't drive
He has a limo he rides in the back
He locks the doors in case he's attacked

Who is "He"? it's a chick that owns it.

I heard A & L were part of the layoffs at MOJO? WTF? Can you say unemployment!!!!

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