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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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WTF?!!! How come I wasn't invited to the wedding?

You mean somebody is actually marrying that Sex and the City wanna-be Sarah Greenberg, ugh she is so annoying..

President Obama, please assemble a red/white/blue-ribbon panel to put a boot on the neck of the entertainment industry's wasteful extravagance!

(But the dressy Westwood premiere parties with the little Swedish meatballs - those can stay.)

Yes! Please! A fresh, new corporate scandal for the public to be outraged about! I want my life back!!!

There was a topic [ High Noon At Crew]. A few comments about Weddings being paid for by Crew and how Works started up after being used up. Wow it must be the way to get the account. Hire a wedding planer. If the people running the studios only knew.

Sarah is so NOT a SATC wanna-be.
She's a 60's icon wanna-be:

Her accessories are SO 2007.

Is TP's marriage still valid in California? Was THAT law changed?

I can almost guarantee that the "marriage" between TP and Lionsgate will end soon. Ican will see right through that insecure marketing "genius".

Cinematic style icon: William Hurt, "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

Mascara or lipstick: Not allowed "inside"

Sunglasses du jour: Not allowed "inside"

Ring tone: Not allowed "inside"

To-die-for dessert: Jello pudding cup (Thursdays)

Purse of the moment: Plastic trash bag, side of the 405

Go-to outfit: County issued jumpsuit.

Plaid or stripes: Stripes.

Favorite expression: "You're eligible for parole"

Shoe of the moment: Canvas low cut, no laces.

Best compliment ever received: "You look mighty purty..."

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