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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


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Studio execs are obviously too busy abusing vendors to comment on a blog.

Got copy on it now. Waiting on third round of revisions. Christ it is tough to buy some wit.

Studio execs are obviously too busy going to the gym, shopping, taking four hour lunches, screaming at their housekeeper on the phone, depositing their kickback checks and cheating on their spouse with the pool boy to comment on a blog.

Studio execs are obviously too coked up to comment on this blog.

Just curious, don't you bitch when you don't get some kind of creative brief?
It seems to me that when you get nothing and then are made to change everything anyway a creative brief just might prevent at least 2 rounds of bull shit no?


Two words: FRYING PAN!

Begin with whatever they told you not to build.

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