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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


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"here's a bad example of what i want..." (why not a good example?)

"you have inadvertently captured the spirit of the movie"

"You're not smart enough to not know what you don't know!"

"just throw all those comps in the trash"

"Don't show me anything I don't want to see!"

"I only want to pay for the good comps."

"Every time you press that 'copy' button, it costs me a dime!"

"I need those revisions on my desk 9am, Monday." (typically spoken at 6pm, Friday)

"Why didn't you show me this one first?"

"The director has an idea for the onesheet he'd like you to try."


"I'll make it up to you on the next job."

"Just let it go. Nobody's gonna notice."

"I want out of the box idea, fresh and high end. Something nobody has done before"

not to rain on the parade but um, isn't that why they hire US!I, for one, am grateful they "don't know what they want" otherwise they'd all be disney and whoever else wants to go "in-house"

always grateful for the need for an exploration.

Uh. right, Gratefulvendor, but the second part of that quote is "...and I won't know it when I see it."

"Hey, watch it with the teeth already!"

as Michelangelo's great patron Lorenzo de Medici commanded his retinue... "make the tits bigger"

From the AV side " Make it faster, but last longer"

"Can you turn his head a little more to the side?"
"no, it's a flat photo."
"Yea, I know that, but can you turn it more to the side?"

"Just take the eyes from this head and place them on this face."

It should Fast and the Furious meets Godsford Park

"You know what to do ... "

I know who said that one, but you forgot to add, "What do you mean a photo, It's in the computer."

Can you turn his head a little more to the side?"
"no, it's a flat photo."
"Yea, I know that, but can you turn it more to the side?"


A scientific explanation on why clients are stupid.


Also known as "Shutt-Jones Syndrome".

It's like someone left a recorder on during a Lori Drazen meeting.

Art Monkey, you have shed SO much light upon our frustrations. I forwarded that to as many people as possible! (no sarcasm here btw). Thank you for giving me a term to put to all of this...

LOL @ Idea Guy. That is fantastic. BTW, I was an Idea Guy too so I get it big time.

"Nope I won't go see that movie"

I wanna start a agency called Dunning–Kruger


"Can you let me know when I expect to see some more designs? They are very anxious to see something and I desperately need to get designs to the programmers."

Creative Director:
"New designs: early next week."

"early next week is too late. I needed to be able to show something yesterday and couldn't. I thought, since I gave you feedback first thing yesterday that I would be able to show something today."

"every vendor in town sucks! well uh, except you suck the least."

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