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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Guess we're never gonna see that Round 3 set of revisions. See ya on the other side!

Anthony Goldschmidt is GOD! RESPECT FOR THE DEPARTED!

This is not funny! How can you mock our dying industry? We're all gonna be eating cat food soon.

mmmmm cat food!

'cutting edge' more like 'blunt force trauma'

But what about the cats!

Despite what you may think about a...certain person...you cannot deny that this is the end of an era. How many of you don't know at least one person who worked at the Link at some point in time? Cheers to all the ex-links out there, may 155 rest in peace.

I'll hire any ex-Linker who can bring a solid TV print account with him/her. crispyfrog at gmail.

Offering a job to someone who can bring an account... Really living on the edge, aren't you? ;-)

An account in your back pocket is $$$ in the bank. Wish I had one.

Let the vulturing begin!

Keep calm and carrion!

With creative(?) work like this http://tinyurl.com/3el95wu (honest, they have it on their web site, really, they do, check it out before it's gone) it's a wonder they've been in business as long as they have.

Dawn Patrol did it first and did it better:

I'll miss Intralink. Had a lot of great times working there. I Just wish Anthony could have remembered any of the names of the people who worked their ass off for him.. It's really not that hard. But he was a force in the business and it is an end of an era.

Not to mention fashion icon! http://tinyurl.com/4474xvx

I'll miss Goldschmidt waltzing into my office with an armload of crappy, over-sized, (I mean full onesheet size) glossy, gator-board mounted comps and try and sell the shit like some used car salesman. "Look at this great color pallet, the understated elegance, it's YOU, drive it off the lot!" Not to mention his "fuck you", I'm rich and I'm doing you a favor, (but it will cost you a fortune) attitude.

Despite the fact that he always called me, "Hey you or guy" and that I have asthma and lung cancer runs rampant in my family I used to appreciate it when he would come into my room close the door and smoke a cigarette, very considerate.

Look, movie posters are going the way of the album cover. Sure they still do them, but as an afterthought. Most people only ever see them as a stamp sized image on their iPhone, if they notice them at all.

It's hard to see what purpose posters serve anymore other than decorating the dorm rooms of Twihards and Tron geeks.

'It's hard to see what purpose posters serve anymore other than decorating the dorm rooms of Twihards and Tron geeks."

that's a function they've always served. that's how you know you've connected with an audience.

key art for movies will always have a place. I sit in campaign "pitch meetings all the time where the only thing anyone cares about (clients) is what the keyart is.that doesn't change. it's just that they might use them in a digital format from now on instead of paper.

And some very memorable images came out of that place.


Love him or hate him, he (along with Seiniger, Wayne, etc.) represents a romantic era of motion picture advertising that has faded from existence. His artistic passion gave birth to many unique and iconic pieces of Key Art, as well as many great AV pieces. At the end of the day, and the end of this era, in spite of any personal feelings, professional respect must be paid.

"The time for honoring yourself has come to an end"

Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant sh*t to me.

Elvis has left the building...

Haters gonna hate...

"Sometimes you gotta let a Ho be a Ho"

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