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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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I heard they're just going to run everything through oDesk from now on. Full ad campaigns for $1.26 an hour. Can't beat it.

are they gonna warn a brotha?

and the rumor continues to tell us WHERE you're referring to?

I am just too drunk to follow, who did what now? Who do we laud/hang?

Not only that, but I also heard that a certain someone at a different studio was talking to a vendor who shall remain nameless about a thing that'll be a really big deal if and when anyone else finds out. You heard it here first.

Since Edwina doesn't strike me as the fraternity type, I'm guessing her judicious use of the term "bros" is a subtle hat tip to Warner Bros.

Pierre Pressure = Einstein!

I did it for the AE's. I'd hate to see them waste a whole day trying to figure it out.

I hear Fox is hiring... oh, wait. they're looking for people who actually do something.

So what's going on?

It's easy. A certain someone from across the pond who works at a mountainous studio is heading to the hood to hang with the bros.

Or so it's been rumored.

Amanda to Warners? That makes sense for her but doesn't really ad much for them...

I heard Keri Moore ankled her post.

That's a polite way of putting it, Army. ONe might also say she got a boot up her ass and was ushered out.

But just think of the money she'll save on daycare!

Disney is going to get ugly soon.


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