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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


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Compensation for 2010
Phillippe Dauman

Salary $2,625,000.00
Bonus $0.00
Stock awards $41,833,309.00
Other $141,206.00
Option awards $28,620,000.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $11,250,000.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $45,793.00
Total $84,515,308.00

Getting to fire "overhead"...priceless!

Paramount Pictures announced today that the studio has passed the $1 billion mark for the calendar year at the international box office, reaching the milestone on Friday with the debut of Super 8 -- that's four days sooner than last year's record-setting pace. It's the fifth year in a row that Paramount Pictures International has topped $1 billion.

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman

• "For the content owners there’s never been a better time."

• "Netflix is primarily a service that provides library programming…. Netflix got involved in one show (House Of Cards) that was a pay television kind of project, but that isn’t their fundamental business."

• "If we are ad supported, (then) we need to have a measurement system in place so the mobile device in the home can sell ads…. (Nielsen) is not measuring it now. That’s one of the obstacles [for TV Everywhere]."

• "Consumers are changing… People don’t want to watch the 17th repeat of the same show."

• "In a world of a lot of choices, Snookie still rules."

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