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Thursday, October 27, 2011


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Well said! And what's up with no poster winning Gold? Perhaps it's because there's no money in creating key art anymore. Any monkey with a Mac can (or thinks he/she can) do it.

LOL! I like how Happy writes on this blog: “All the people who write on this blog are whiny failures.”

Wait a minute, my program listed all of the PRINT judges as PRINT movie marketing professionals. I know who all of them are from the business!! Again whiny failures, if YOUR OWN people judge there is not a gold award among the print entries, which I actually find unbelievable, how can ANY OF YOU have the audacity to complain about the entire event. How can award hijacking AV judges go through the same process and come up with multiple gold winners, but YOUR OWN PEOPLE cant put aside their petty negativities and jealousies to do the same????!!!!! Is the print side of our industry SO NEGATIVE, HATEFUL, and PATHETIC??!!!!!!! (and I was home for the first post. Ha...jealous bastards.)

Base on the grammatical structure (and the tone) of your comment, you're definitely art director material, Happy.

We are all thrilled that you are Happy at Work, and have no "NEGATIVE, HATEFUL and PATHETIC.... audacity". Nor a sense of irony, apparently.

My goodness! That is some serious venom shit you are spewing there, comrade. Looks like you've got the hang of this pathetic blog, after all.

happy, you're the reason i'll remain pro-choice


I come here for the trolls.

Thank you Joey! FINALLY, an explanation for all this pathetic whining. Edwina, I'm out. Permanently. (Gotta go finish a couple of one sheets and trailers.)
Bye losers!

"Gotta go finish a couple of one sheets and trailers."

Laughable at best. Two different art forms you are a troll.

I'm betting Happier at work has the same IP address as Happy At Work.

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