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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


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he looks more he's drifting than falling on that horizontal plane

A subway meets design story that benefits from being true:

As a no-nothing design student in the mid-1980's, I constantly traveled the New York subways. Aside from admiring the Broadway ad illustrations, I noticed strange chalk drawings on the unused subway ad boards. Over time the drawings became more refined. Hmmm...those are pretty cool - would look nice in my dorm room.

Devil on my shoulder: "Hey, this is street art - I should rip a few off the wall and keep 'em.

Angel on my shoulder: "Oops...that's vandalism as the MTA would have to replace the boards."

You guessed it, those hieroglyphic chalk scrawls were being created by the as-yet undiscovered wunderkind artist Keith Haring. http://www.haring.com/

Had I managed to stash away just a few of his original pieces, coulda paid for my entire college education.

Lesson learned: The trouble with resisting temptation is that you might not get another chance.

It looks like he slipped on the ice!


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