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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


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Cross-Mojulation! OMG!

Wilshire, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams...

Wha? Mo mojo? They are already some serious competition. Now there’s going to be TWO of them?

We see how well that worked out for Art Machine. Buh Bye.

Is it Mojo? Awesome lot of talent there. Hope they don’t split in two. There’s too many vendors out there as it is.

No! It’s Crew! Crew is splitting up! Going kaput! Ha ha ha! It’s Crew!

Ignorant comments. To be expected I guess. I'm sorry you are so bored.


that is all

Is it Shoolery?
Shit! Why am I always the last one to know?

Thank you for your concern, Clark. I feel better now!

how many left on Wilshire? Bemis and Canyon?

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