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Monday, May 21, 2012


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The question is, is this a more heinous crime than taking credit on FB book for something that you had little or nothing to do with? There's a certain vintage art director, who will remain nameless, that has a penchant for taking credit on Facebook for posters and logos we are sure were designed and art directed by others...

This job might actually be fun if they got rid of all the egomaniacal grandstanders.

all they want is to let people know they are worth something...

"This job might actually be fun if they got rid of all the egomaniacal grandstanders."

There wouldn't be anyone left...

Haven't the time or inclination to wade through postings of 901,000,000 Facebook users.

How about a hint as to where to look on Facebook?

<––––– start here.

Hey people - egomaniacal grandstanders need love, too.

Just remember, every time you post something on my FaceBook, you give up part of your soul. Thanks!

In every shop I've ever worked at there has always been at least one AD (or CD) who was accused to stealing other people's work. At first I took all of these complaints on face-value, now I'm not so sure. Funny how no one complains about the parentage of the ugly posters. As the saying goes, "Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan."

But crowing before the artwork is released? Not a bright idea.

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