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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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"The launch they deserve."

There's about a weeks worth of the US Recommended Daily Allowance of irony right there.

Todd Palin Fuck yeah!
Dean Cain, Fuck Yeah!
Nick Lachey, Fuck Yeah!
Eve Torres, Fuck Yeah!

Maybe it's time to reinstate the the Military Draft System. Maybe then, this sort of crap would not be considered "entertainment".

Stars? Where? Now, if it was a real life Hunger Games scenario, I might watch.

NBC? Fuck No!
CBS? Fuck No!
ABC? Fuck No!

What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Didn't Mommy and Daddy show you a decent poster when you were a child? That's so ugly it could be a modern art masterpiece!!!

In all fairness, R Lee - what art director would want to be a party to the promotion of this shitstorm?

WTF?!! Nick Lachey gets his leg blown off? Cool.

Aren't actors the first ones to blather on about how awful war and the military are?

It’s those whiney-ass mothers of dead soldiers who are the first ones to blather on about how awful war is. Fucking wimps. Shut the fuck up and watch Todd Palin show you what we’re fighting for!!!

This just in! NBC Cancels Series, Entire Cast Of ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Killed In Afghanistan

I could only hope one of these "stars" catches a hot piece of lead so we can be done with shitty shows like this.

To answer your question, M. F-up - The Art Director that was hired to work on this project. Some Art Directors DO have jobs and are required to fulfill their duties. And IF YOU really knew what it was like to work in this GOD FORSAKEN INDUSTRY that we all call Entertainment Advertising you would know that the best concepts are not always chosen by the marketing powers that be...and then, sometimes they are.
I'm just sayin'

Pay attention, Vigilante. I wasn’t talking about the concept or the finish or ANYTHING to do with the print ad. What I was talking about is getting stuck working on a piece of shit TV show like this. (Hey. Maybe you are one of those prima donnas who only work on shows and movies you “believe in.” In which case you have really shitty taste or you are mostly unemployed.) It doesn’t matter what “concept” the powers choose. It’s still a fucking shitstorm of a show.

Uhhhh, Major F-Up, this site like a few others are intended for critiquing entertainment advertising design and marketing efforts. If you want to comment on the quality or content of a show go tell Nikki Finke. Nobody else cares. Oh, and YES some of us DO have to work on shit shows that we are told to work on. It's our job!

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